I'm Mexican. Am I Supposed To Be Offended By Guacamelee?

Kotaku - So I finished Guacamelee, and I think I am supposed to feel offended.

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profgerbik2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Story Quality - WTF?

Like this Website - No

Yes because no one can research or display Mexican culture other than Mexicans, no one else is allowed to talk about it or use it in games unless they are from Mexico and born Mexican... /s

It was so offensive, they just advertised Taco Bell through the entire games dialog, tacos, tacos and tacos! All the characters just made fun of Mexicans also with border crossing jokes... /s

I can't believe how long that crap is, such a stupid article. I can't believe how many people actually agree with it also..

I don't see people writing articles about Mario and how Mario is made by a Japanese person, who isn't Italian, who doesn't live in Italy either. How on earth could Miyamoto do something so offensive! /s


That's because Mario is white, check your privilege.

thorstein2013d ago

Mario is Italiano. Anyway, I love guacamole, tacos, chimichangas, and margueritas. Doesn't mean I hate mexicans.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Italian/Italiano or whatever isn't a race, it's a culture.

Edit: TheFallenAngel's comment below actually does a good job of explaining the difference between race and culture.

dktxx22013d ago

Actually, Italian is also an ethnicity, as is British, Irish, Swedish, Russian, German etc. They're not just cultures.

Kevin ButIer2013d ago

"a game made in Canada, by a team mostly comprised of Canadians, laughing at a farcical luchador who gets his powers from a talking goat."

Dear lord... now THAT's an elevator pitch

churros, huaraches, tacos, tortas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, pepitadas y tostadas

Klonopin2013d ago

That public education must really be paying off for you.

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admiralvic2013d ago

Better question. I am an intelligent gamer, should I be offended Kotaku can still post here?

Merrill2013d ago

I lost two bubbles for pointing out how terrible Kotaku's articles are and that it's curious that they never lose any stars on this site.

The rating system doesn't work for them(Kotaku) on N4G.

b_one2013d ago

i voted them down several times, still no effect.

b_one2013d ago

some mexicans was involved in developing this game, ask them...

admiralvic2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

That doesn't matter. Bros before Hos was still "sexist", yet it was named by a woman.

Veneno2013d ago

Guacamelee isn't offensive, the best part of it is when they translate all the references into Spanish. "Nino de Carne" "El Linko" are my favorite ones LOL.

Weirdly enough my white buddy found the name of the game not to be offensive, but stupid. I guess I kinda agree but its nothing to rage over.

I personally found nothing that is "negative" toward mexican culture throughout the game, just silly and dumb stuff.

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xabmol2013d ago

You have problems. Mental...

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2013d ago

You're kotaku. You're supposed to be offended by EVERYTHING!

LOGICWINS2013d ago

For some reason, this article makes me want to play Guacamelee even more lol.

Thatguy-3102013d ago

Amazing platformer you should give it a try.

adorie2013d ago

Lol. Me too,especially after watching some Lucha Libres today. Pa Parka (authentico!) Psicosis, Octagon, etc, etc!

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