Monster Hunter Online Announced, Gameplay Detailed

In tandem with Capcom, Chinese game publisher Tencent today officially announced and released gameplay details regarding Monster Hunter Online.

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dedicatedtogamers2034d ago


Please come to the West!

AhmadCentral2033d ago

I hope it comes to the west too.

I'm also interested in other games which are similar to this like Toukiden. I hope that gets an overseas release too.

dedicatedtogamers2033d ago

Toukiden is handled by Tecmo Koei, who recently brought Atelier Totori Plus to Vita. I wouldn't be surprised if they localized Toukiden, too. With CAPCOM's MH being absent, every company is attempting to become the "new Monster Hunter" on the Sony handheld.

CaptainCamper2033d ago

Officially announced for an International release!

:D :D

phantomexe2034d ago

That looks pretty cool. I've been playing MH3 with a friend here lately it's an additive game. It's a good wiiu game.

Unlimax2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Too bad .. i think its coming to Japan too and its not gonna see the light of day on the west market along with Ghosts 'n Goblins Online since Capcom doesn't have a west branch for free Online games / MMO's .


It will only happen if someone has the balls to step up and publish this MMO game to the west other than Capcom .

Blacktric2033d ago

It's not going to be released in Japan at first. You can be sure of that. Apparently Capcom NEVER released Monster Hunter games in China eventhough it's extremely popular there so this is their way of bringing it to there as an F2P MMO (which are also very popular there). I'm sure Japanese version will be released a couple of months after Chinese one though. I just hope they release it in the west too or at least localize it.

ExCest2033d ago

We can always rely on a modder team to create a beta-localization for us months before an official one would be released.

Then everyone could just play on Asia servers while waiting for a hope at a Western release.

This method sort of works for PSO2. You just can't talk to anyone.

Blacktric2033d ago

But I'm guessing you can still get banned for using "modified" files?

Not that it'd matter to me. I'd keep creating new accounts if that lets me keep playing it.

paul19742033d ago

a possible look ahead to what mh4 will be like on wiiu just with enhanced graphics! I have not taken the plunge on mh3u as I dont have the time to invest in the learning curve this great game requires and am currently holding out for other titles for the time being.

However if mh4? was to come out and take advantage of the wii u over the what the wii offered then it will i'm sure look and play fantastic.

deadfrag2033d ago

This and kingdom under fire mmo must have them!

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