EB Games Gear of War Preview Event

According to a newsletter sent out to subscribers, EB Games will be holding a Gear of War After Hours Preview on October 21th to help customers "gear up" (their bad pun, not mine) for the upcoming release of the sure fire hit title.

From the email:

After participating stores close, customers 17 years of age or older will be readmitted for a sneak peek at exclusive video content for Gears of War. Anyone caught with a fake moustache will be sent home immediately, without a glass of milk or cookies. While supplies last, FREE lanyards, pins and gamer id tags will be given to those who attend.

In addition you can purchase either a 3-month or 12-month Xbox Live Kit at $5 OFF the regular price. Stores will only be open one hour for this event. Contact your local EB Games/GameStop to confirm participation and event details.

Not that the Xbox 360 owning masses need more reason to be foaming at the mouth for this game but I think I may have to attend this late night shindig for some free Gears of War shwag. Anyone else planning on attending?

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Captain Tuttle5892d ago

I think I might try to go to this.

PS360PCROCKS5892d ago

Wow I like my videogames but this is just way to dorky for me, sorry guys