EB Games Gear of War Preview Event

According to a newsletter sent out to subscribers, EB Games will be holding a Gear of War After Hours Preview on October 21th to help customers "gear up" (their bad pun, not mine) for the upcoming release of the sure fire hit title.

From the email:

After participating stores close, customers 17 years of age or older will be readmitted for a sneak peek at exclusive video content for Gears of War. Anyone caught with a fake moustache will be sent home immediately, without a glass of milk or cookies. While supplies last, FREE lanyards, pins and gamer id tags will be given to those who attend.

In addition you can purchase either a 3-month or 12-month Xbox Live Kit at $5 OFF the regular price. Stores will only be open one hour for this event. Contact your local EB Games/GameStop to confirm participation and event details.

Not that the Xbox 360 owning masses need more reason to be foaming at the mouth for this game but I think I may have to attend this late night shindig for some free Gears of War shwag. Anyone else planning on attending?

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Captain Tuttle6339d ago

I think I might try to go to this.

PS360PCROCKS6339d ago

Wow I like my videogames but this is just way to dorky for me, sorry guys


Rumored Gears of War Collection is at the top of my 2024 Xbox wishlist

As the long-rumored Gears of War Collection looks like it may finally materialize on Xbox, the timing could not be better as Gears 6 and movie news swirls.

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1Victor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

(Insert “It should be multi platform if Microsoft investors wants more money” JK here)
All jokes aside congratulations to all the gears fans it will be a blast I remember having fun on the first one on my 360 elite till got RROD and quit Xbox all together but that’s a story for another day.
Congratulations 🎊 🍾 🎉 🎈 🎉 🙏

Wyesvin39d ago

I'm excited for this just aslong is on the pc also cause I don't have the newest xbox console.

shinoff218339d ago

I enjoyed the tactical one. I can't remember the actual name but it was fun.


Gears of War Collection allegedly in testing phase for Xbox release

Marcus Fenix and the crew could be back on your screens once more, as the rumored Gears of War Collection is near completion on Xbox.

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VenomUK40d ago

Switch and PS5 owners are gonna love this.

Stuart575640d ago

Every article, console fanboy trite, all these years later. Let me explain it AGAIN, in simple terms for the fanboys. Sentient human gamers do have their preferred platform, however they will buy and own multiple platforms so they can enjoy the games they want to enjoy. I own and have owned multiple platforms, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and now Valve, simply to enjoy a wide range of games across a broad spectrum of platforms. It's great. You don't have to pick a 'team' and cheer them on through thick and thin, dissing the other 'team'. And for you 'VenomUK' to state 'Switch and PS5 owners are gonna love this', proves that you're a bit behind. Learn, enjoy, live, develop, trust and coexist if you can, life is better that way.

Blad3runner0040d ago

Well said.
This is why i never understand fanboying over hardware. This is not like a sports team, its just hardware. Why some people have this mentality to pick a side and stick with it and refuse to look at other platforms, therefore depriving themselves of games that are only available on those platforms. They are suppose to be gamers after all?

FinalFantasyFanatic40d ago

It's practically guaranteed to come to PC as well, if that's the case, I might pick it up after it gets a discount or two.

TheEroica40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Thank goodness for pro gamer companies like Microsoft.... It's about time we unified platforms where now only corporate suits benefit! Pro gamers all the way. Thanks Microsoft!

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RaidenBlack40d ago

Yup ... bring Gears 2, 3 Judgement as well as Fable II and Halo 5 to PC

phoenixwing40d ago

Online portions would be a bonus.

FinalFantasyFanatic40d ago

I'm really shocked that Halo 5 still isn't on PC yet, almost everything is ported over and that's the only Halo game that hasn't been ported.

Profchaos40d ago

Take it with a grain of salt this leaker has been wrong many Times

The connection has been rumoured in the past so there's some credibility but it's more if it's actually in testing or not

Father__Merrin40d ago

tell u what gears 3 on series x same 360 game but in 4k and 60fps is a dream it looks crystal clear

Sciurus_vulgaris40d ago

The Series X enhanced versions of Gears 3 and Judgement can at times look like Xbox One titles.

Concertoine40d ago

Yeah i got into Gears 3 multiplayer last year. People still play it a lot. Tons of maps and looks great with the 60 FPS.

Brazz40d ago

It would be funny to see Gears of War collection on Nintendo Switch.