Full Backwards Compatibility means a win for the next XBOX for me

"TruTechNoid Write's":
After reading the article today about the supposed leak of some of the final specs of the next XBOX (Code-Named Durango), it got me thinking about how important of a move this may be for Microsoft in the success of their next console within the first few years of the Next-Gen battle.

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Lucreto2834d ago

If it is true. I seen this on Gaf yesterday and it was just a pastebin so I have my doubts.

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Enemy2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I love how a win for this "trutechnoid" means being able to play last gen games, lol. Get some new games, fools. It's because of people like you Microsoft will drag behind in games again.

ma1asiah2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

PC has legacy support does this mean that they also drag behind in games. All this equates to is you have access to a bigger library right off the bat...It makes it possible for you to keep playing old favorites while developers work on adding new games to that library that are strictly aimed at the consoles current specs. It doesn't stop anyone from buying new games.

This makes me laugh you know MS get blamed for so much, yet some of the biggest games released this generation saw the light of day on Xbox first.....Mass Effect and Bioshock to name but a few examples. Hey look at that they were both new IP's yes they didn't remain exclusive to the Xbox, yet that changes nothing about where they first found their foothold as emerging great franchises. Since if Xbox gamers hadn't flocked to these games like bees to honey we may never have seen the likes of ME 2 or 3 or possibly Bioshock 2 and the critically acclaimed Bioshock Infinite.....possibly

gman_moose2833d ago


Because it's not possible to play your old 360 games on say.... your 360? BC is a space saver. Nothing more.

Sure, it would be nice if all consoles supported it, so you could do away with your old ones, but it's not the end of the world. I'm buying a PS4 to play games made for PS4, not PS3. I have a console to play those on already.

SkyGamer2833d ago

Of course it was going to be full BC. They owned the chipsets of X360. Why wouldn't they use it? That was the whole basis of X360.

Mkai282833d ago

Not only that, but imagine playing your favorite Xbox games in true 1080p.

Mkai282833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Also, as you know. The Xbox 360 has ATI GPU in it, the Durango is rumored to run with the ATI/AMD GPU again.

According to an anonymous individual claiming to be software engineer posting leaked information to Pastebin, that's not going to be the case: the Xbox 720 could play most Xbox 360 games without trouble thanks to the presence of a Xenon chip alongside the main AMD APU - giving the Xbox 720 the ability to run the Xbox 360 games directly on the same processor as the one for which they were written.

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Mounce2833d ago

Sshhh...It's a win! ALL those epic names from Xbox and 360.

Meaning you can play Halo 1,2,3,4, ODST and Reach without switching CONSOLES! O-M-G!....

Well, without trying to make fun of the 360's Library or Xbox's original classics. At the very least that may mean people that may want to play Lost Odyssey can still do so and it may be even Downloadable in the future perhaps on the Xbox market on the 720? Like what PSN generally always does.

Urusernamesucks2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Also Crack down 2, perfect dark, mass effects 1,2, l4d 1 n 2, Minecraftxb360ed(with xboxmini), fables 2n 3, Gears of wars 2 3 n judgement, Forza horizon n motosport, Alan wake,
Halo wars,and all the other multiplats, so on and so on...

Mounce2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )


You're grasping at straws....especially if you give me games that are easily on PC and superior on PC..... You really put L4d and ME games?

Mass Effect 1,2,3 is on PS3 so I don't know what crack you're smoking or if you're just some kind of labwarrior-clone from Gametrailers, lol.

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GadgetGooch2834d ago

Gamer's can still hope i suppose lol

Godmars2902834d ago

This still begs the question: what happens to those old multiplayer titles and features when their servers are shut down?

maniacmayhem2834d ago

I suspect what happens when any other server for multiplayer gets shut down for any game on any system.

coolbeans2834d ago

Xultation (server heaven)?

MikeMyers2834d ago

Then they get shut down like games have in the past.

Hands Up For Games2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

A rumour is a rumour is a rumour. Doesnt matter if its a positive or a negative one.

MS have somehow kept a lid on things and no one knows for sure what the NextBox is going to be.

We will keep getting articles telling us this, that and the other, but until Microsoft have there event and announce it themselves, its all guesswork.

More importantly for Microsoft its getting everyone talking on every gaming website about something that doesnt exist.

They can either fuck it up or blow us all away. Exciting times.

Knight_Crawler2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Well said, until its confirmed by MS everything about the Durango is fake...hell even the name 720 is fake.

With that said you got to admit that if it was not for all these rumors, gaming website would have no interesting hot news to report.

In the end be it good or bad rumors MS still wins with all this free publicity that they have been getting...if you did not know about the 720 before I think its safe to say that you know about it now.

Edit: Am I the only one who found it weird that Sony announced its console before MS?

Edit 2: Also 100% BC benefits MS in huge way because this means that they can keep supporting the 360 for a long time since 720 only owners will have access to 360 games, for examples MS can release a 360 exclusive game like Lost Odyssey 2 and 720 only owners will be able to play it which means more sales.

Edit 3: So does this mean that if I am playing Halo 4 online on my 720, I can play against people that are playing Halo 4 online on a 360...Sweet.

Oh_Yeah2833d ago

That's how it worked with the 360 before they shut down the original xbox servers you could play with them.

MikeMyers2834d ago

Good or bad rumors they are setting themselves up for high expectations. Problem is Microsoft never really has that impressive E3 showings. When they do unveil the next Xbox they also have to show they are still committed to the Xbox 360.

Nafon2834d ago

I always liked this video about MS's E3 last year...

MikeMyers2834d ago

That was pretty good. 2010 and 2011 would be a better fit for that video.

Tainted Gene2833d ago

oh and Sony's E3 appearances are always stellar

thebudgetgamer2834d ago

Hey alright, that's awesome for you.