720 Leaks Confirmed...Probably...Chances Are...More Than Likely: Rumors Continue

BigBoxGaming-" As of April 17th, 2013 Microsoft has yet to make any official statement about any console in development by their company.

This, when paired with Sony’s February PS4 reveal, has lead to months of speculation that is rare even for the videogame industry.  Everyone with a keyboard and internet connection has weighed in on what the latest rumors are and what it means for the future of the 720/Durango."

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happyguy2712012d ago

Even though it's been out of control I have enjoyed having some info to look at until the official announcement, thanks rumors.

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Saigon2012d ago

I have to admit it has been entertaining but I like this article because it state facts. These are rumors and will continue being rumors until MS says something.

Its past getting old for me and I am starting to get sick of rumors because there is no guarantee that they are true or false. If the rumors were coming from more creditable sources it may raise an eyebrow from me.

UnholyLight2011d ago

It helps to pass the time and get you hyped up at the same time!

Zuperman2011d ago

What.. the.. f*ck.. is that -_-

Pintheshadows2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I don't know, but i'm scared of it. It looks venomous.

RyuCloudStrife2011d ago

Every time I see that controller I think of a lobster for some reason...

showtimefolks2011d ago

with rumors on daily bases some of these things are real, mostly whatever leaked for ps4 was real so if that's the case for next xbox too than we already know many things

but it still will be nice once MS holds an event to talk about the next system in detail

even though sony held their event we still don't know a lot and i think it will be the same for MS. Just a big Tease for what will likely be the most interesting E3 in a while

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caleb47792012d ago

Looking forward to May so we can finally see what we are dealing with.

TI_212012d ago

Isn't that just speculation as well?
MS doesn't seem to be in a hurry to reveal their console at all, so I doubt that they'll actually set up a reveal party like Sony did.
By now the only time frame left, which would give them an advantage for E3, would be 1 (maybe even 2) weeks before the E3 itself.

But imho that just sounds too stupid to be true. ;)

Dlacy13g2012d ago

the xbox 360 was announced a few weeks prior to E3 on MTV... its been done before. just sayin.

JimmyDanger2011d ago

Major Nelson has had this Countdown (to E3) clock up since January.

They're in no hurry - they've got their plan and they're sticking to it.

But if the console reveal will actually be before E3 - what are the chances E3 is when it will go on sale, as I've read some speculation of?

Chances would be slim to none surely - but if it was 53 days away from sale - surely a few retail managers might have heard whispers by now?

FrigidDARKNESS2012d ago

May 21 is so far away gosh i wished they would have kept that April 27 2013

gabescow2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Don't know how we would ever find out, but I would like to know if they had to make hardware changes after the PS4 spec reveal and if that's why they've had to push back announcements.

I know lots of people have been saying that it was too late in the development cycle to make changes, but I'm still curious.

Jdoki2012d ago

Considering the effort required I would be shocked to find they changed hardware specs this late.

Not only is it technically difficult and costly - but considering the problems they ran in to with the 360 failure rate, would they really want to risk making changes to the hardware that could have unforeseen (or untested) consequences? - eg adding a faster CPU would add more heat. Changing chips or adding RAM would need a mobo redesign to make space as the RAM chips are likely soldered to the board and so on.

I don't think MS will want another billion dollar warranty bill!

People state that Sony made the change late to add 8GB to the PS4 - but that's just speculation because the development kits had 4GB. Sony would have planned for 8GB all along, but only informed trusted 1st party devs - the 4GB was a spoke screen and to keep costs down of the dev kits.

CEOSteveBallmer2012d ago

Time flies by so fast so we need to just relax and take it easy. let's enjoy the summer with games!! :) the PS3 and Xbox 360 is like yesterday its kind of weird how days go by really fast. im sleeping and the next day I woke up I already have a console. It will come sooner

Bigpappy2012d ago

That controller defines fake.

mochachino2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Looking forward to its reveal. Not so sure about BC though. I much prefer the money that would be spent on BC being spent on more power/hardware features for next-gen games.

I don't understand why people rather sacrifice next-gen advantages just to play last-gen games on consoles they already have. Keep you current console, it worth almost nothing anyways.

If you're incentive to buying a new console is that it plays your old games you're buying priorities are wrong

happyguy2712012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )


I still have my Super Nintendo hooked up for my kids, backwards compatibility is overrated. I'd rather the effort and hardware be put towards current gen titles.

nosferatuzodd2011d ago

I can't believe this we finally agree on something
Yes bc is way overrated

gabescow2012d ago

Still have working NES, SNES, PS2, and Xbox- don't need backwards compatibility.

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