Does Batman Need a Robin?

Is the idea of having a sidekick still important? If you were Batman, would you have a Robin?

Was Robin needed in Batman: Arkham City and Harley Quinn’s Revenge?

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Da Ill One2014d ago

Robin would be PERFECT for a Co Op campaign mode on could go off and do something as Batman, and Robin seperately and join back up together to fight bosses or enemies...would be amazing I think

CaptainYesterday2014d ago

Damn that sounds really fun! :)

Root2014d ago

Well they should keep that for another Batman game

I wouldn't want co-op in the Batman games by Rocksteady in the Arkham Universe. It's a great single player game no need to spoil it. We have little single player games as it is

awi59512014d ago

Nope screw robin make it a Nightwing team up.

WeskerChildReborned2014d ago

I was just thinking what if Arkham Origins had co-op, i mean Batman and Robin gameplay would be pretty sweet.

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JaggedCarpet2014d ago

Of course he needs Robin! Someone has to get the coffee.

Root2014d ago

For when they lie in bed together


<Evil Laugh>

Heisenburger2014d ago

I only enjoy Dick.... :(

So playing as Robin didn't really do anything for me.

LOVED the Nightwing maps though! Even with that lame hairdo!

Jyndal2014d ago

I'd think that this was a gimme.
Robin not being a part of the newer Batman game's mythos just seems wrong.

maniacmayhem2014d ago

It would nice if they included a Co-Op with either Robin or Batgirl.

I do find it strange that Rocksteady didn't incorporate a co-op with a type of cooperative fighting mechanic. It would have been great to see that in action.

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