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nrvalleytime2037d ago

That camera looks a bit off, to be honest. Not being able to see his face doesn't seem right.

dedicatedtogamers2037d ago

I'm definitely getting it but the 3D models look a bit too...round? I can't really put my finger on it, but at least it's not Legend of Choo-Choo: Ghost Train.

BullyMangler2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

dainng . this looks like it was made many many many years ago . . looks very old school wierd casual . with a bit of witch-craft . almost feels like an unperformed April fools joke .. .

shiizz mann . Nintendo with these mini E3's . . Content like this all year long forever?? woW!!

1nsaint2037d ago

Yeah it kinda looks like a mix between the normal and the cell shaded style, still looks pretty cool though.

Btw i love these Nintendo Directs, wish more companies did that, i also wish i knew japanese, so i could actually understand what the're saying :p

Summons752037d ago

should do yourself a favor. If you have a wii or wiiu get A link to the Past on the virtual console, it's the best Zelda game out there and it's how all the older Zelda's were designed. From the sound of your comment you've only played the 3d titles (OOT and up)

nrvalleytime2037d ago

Actually, I've played nearly all of the Zelda titles, minus Oracle of Ages. Played every single other one.

It's just a camera angle that impressed me from the Direct presentation. The actual video on the Virtual Console looks far better.

3-4-52037d ago

Your new to gaming aren't you ?

Have you played SNES games at all?

nrvalleytime2037d ago

Not at all - still proudly have my cartridge ALTTP. And A Link to the Past actually showed more of Link's face than what I can see in this trailer.

It was just a thought.

3-4-52037d ago

my mistake then.

I see what you are saying but I kind of like the look, it seems to not be as noticeable when in outdoors but the overhead seemed more cramped in the dungeons.

I like the Art Style it's like ALttP + Yoshi's Story + Shading

NukaCola2037d ago

This is a clear remastering of Link to the Past with a ton of new features and a revamp of all the areas. I am pretty impressed. You can see clearly his home and the 3rd castle in the light world. I love the SIDEWAYS style paint effects as well. It looks like a good reimaging. But I do agree with many at the end of the day, we have yet to see a NEW Zelda, just remakes.

BosSSyndrome2037d ago

They specifically said that it took place in the same world but had a different story and dungeons.

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aviator1892037d ago

oh man...this holiday 2013 is going to rock- new pokemon and zelda!

1nsaint2037d ago

And hopefully super smash bros as well :)

--Onilink--2037d ago

nah... no smash bros this year. Thats for next one

1nsaint2037d ago

you're probably right, but they did briefly mentioned SSB for wii U and 3DS last E3, so there is hope :p

Hopefully we will see some footage this E3 :)

3-4-52037d ago

Super Smash Brothers is going to be released Feb/March 2014 along with Bravely Default, Dragon Quest 7, Fantasy Life, & Yoshi's Island 3DS..

^ Hate doing this but....Calling it now

BullyMangler2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

ha haa had to re-post this

Magic meter recharges over time. Hammer uses magic meter. Painting uses magic meter.
World map locations are identical to a link to the past world map locations. Screen scrolling, rather than seamless maps makes a comeback. The 8 on top of the stones still looks like an 8 -youtuber-

Different Legend of Zelda a Link to the past II Eshop trailer here:

monkey nuts2037d ago

I remember it well. Time to break the big guns out:

Minato-Namikaze2037d ago

is this the windwaker remaster?

zerocrossing2037d ago

No I don't think so, it's a brand new top down Zelda game.

The windwaker remaster has a very different art style too.

Minato-Namikaze2037d ago

ahhh, thanks. Cant enter the site or watch the video at work. My job has a stupid firewall, lol.

--Onilink--2037d ago

windwaker HD is for WiiU, this one is a brand new Zelda for 3DS (inspired and aparently same world as Link to the Past)

Minato-Namikaze2037d ago

Thank you sir, But i didnt know I could get so many disagrees for asking a question, lol.

zerocrossing2037d ago

Wow! This is a pleasant surprise :)

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