What's the best Uncharted game?

We will not have a Uncharted as early as we would like at least we're not counting on one. This one is for many the best Sony exclusive series of recent years are already a main trilogy on PS3, a game for the PlayStation Vita and also a game for the same console. It is therefore more than the time the Combo Caster launch its ranking of the games in the series.

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Sandmano2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Without a doubt uncharted 2 but their all amazing. I still play uncharted 2's MP from time to time, I can't wait to see uncharted in the ps4!!

Commandar_Shepard2100d ago

Uncharted 2 is definitely the best. There's something about snow levels that really interests me, and Uncharted 2 has some of the best snow in gaming.

It's also the funniest Uncharted:

"Man I'm sweating like a hooker in church."
"You brought a hooked to church?"
"Yeah, why not?"


Boody-Bandit2100d ago

I enjoyed them all but Uncharted 2 blew me away.

TheTwelve2100d ago

Part 2 became a part of gaming history.

SoapShoes2099d ago

I have to say Uncharted 3. They fine tuned the gameplay and the set pieces were pretty close to as cool as Uncharted 2's. The thing that really made Uncharted 2 not as cool for me was the twist in the story. Anyone who had played Drake's Fortune could have seen it from a mile because it was exactly the same as in the first game.

yesmynameissumo2100d ago

2 was the best imo, but I really enjoyed 3. The first game was a great starting off point for the franchise.

Typical-Guy2100d ago

Definitely it's Uncharted 2.... I loved that game with all my heart and soul :-)

panbit862100d ago

I think Uncharted 3 was for me the best one!
Storywise was great to see some background stuff of their relations and understand them better! And i don't even know how they managed to make it more beautiful than Uncharted 2! The desert parts are AMAZING!!!

mrmarvel292100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I have to agree aswell. I felt Uncharted 3 was the best one.

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