How Sony Made PlayStation Users Go Through Withdrawal

"If you are a PlayStation fan you know that the PlayStation Store updates are never at a time convenient to you the player. Where as the Xbox Marketplace and Steam updates at different hours of the week instead of a single day outside of special circumstances, Sony gets a lot of flack for this tardiness. The PS Store update for April 16th has still not gone live as of this writing and the die hard fans of all things PlayStation are going crazy with their lack of new downloadable goodies."

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GribbleGrunger2011d ago

It must be so painful to have to wait a while for your games. With the mature attitude I regularly see over at the official blog, it's quite clear that those that complain are balanced, selfless individuals who deserve immediate attention. I suppose it's a measure of my oppressed nature that for some reason I don't care.

shivvy242011d ago

you sir need to get Baptised

DA_SHREDDER2011d ago

Im pretty pissed, I wanted to get started playing Dragon Fantasy so I can write a review. Also, rpg maker 3 and Soul Sacrifice will take hours of my life as well.

r212011d ago

This guy just made an article bout the comments of an article on the PS blog :L

DragonKnight2011d ago

This is just a symptom of the times and why a complete reliance on online content and distribution has problems people completely overlook. The PSN hack was far worse and it seems people forgot about that.

Conzul2011d ago

You know you live in the first world when.......

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