The Best Wii Soundtracks

While the Wii certainly didn't satisfy everyone thanks to its lower-end graphics and commonly abused waggle mechanics, there were a number of solid titles to be found by those daring enough to search for them. Some of those games were even blessed to have well constructed soundtracks. Tune in to this week's episode of Tuesday Tunes, a bimonthly podcast celebrating the best video game music of all time, to revisit some classic's from Nintendo's recent fling with the absurd.

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Venox20082102d ago

there should be

Fragile dreams, such amazing soundtrack and story!

if ports counts, i am adding Okami

WilliamH2102d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles, every single track was brilliant

leahcim2102d ago

you are SO RIGHT my friend!

_QQ_2102d ago

Monolith's X will have Sawano Hiroyuki compose the music, that guy is a genius to his art, i'm way too pumped.

TheSkullkid2102d ago

It's extremely difficult to choose seeing as every soundtrack in every Wii title is heaven to the ears, but if I had to choose, the songs in the Super Mario Galaxy series are ranked right up there with pieces composed by Mozart and Beethoven.

_QQ_2102d ago

Galaxy2, Xenoblade, last story, metroid prime corruption, Skyward Sword. so much amazing music. But i have to say SSBBrawl takes the cake.