A New Facebook Page is Asking for Input for Alice: Otherlands/Alice 3 Confirmed

A new Facebook page for Alice: Otherlands has appeared on the social media website! But is it real? Or yet another fake?

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IanVanCheese2010d ago

Never played the alice games, always looked a bit too weird, even for me lol. Probably a fan page but who knows.


the first alice game was a little weird, but thats actually what was so great about it. it was unique in its own messed up little way.
madness returns (the second game) was just another unreal engine 3 game. typical platforming/hack n slash mechanics. yeah it kind of looked a little creepy but it wasnt really anything too weird to play. really forgettable game.

ReubenPatrick2009d ago

I heard EA pressured Spicy Horse to rush the game. There were a lot of unused concepts and assets that was supposed to be in the final product. Read the art book you'll see some of them. For me the game was quite memorable but only 7 - 8 out of 10, still it was fun :D

kyon1472010d ago

Nice to have this confirmed, otherwise most people would be worried it was a fake page.

Alice fans I bet are happy now

IanVanCheese2010d ago

Lol my bad, turns out it's real.

Double_Oh_Snap2010d ago

It's real but not being made yet. The kick starter for it is aimed for July.

r212009d ago

Alice: Otherlands? Oh hell yeah :D

Soldierone2009d ago

Sweet, I'll be funding this Kickstarter from the get go. Big fan of Alice titles!

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