Fly Over Batman: Arkham Origins Gotham City 3D Model Generated in Google Sketchup

RipTen writes" I’m a big superhero video game fanatic and with Batman: Arkham Origins announced I couldn’t help myself from trying to see what the world map would look like when transformed into a three-dimensional model."

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FrankDaTank2015d ago

I want to drive across the Gotham bridge...drunk.

Shadonic2015d ago

wouldn't work batman would just come back from the future and stop himself.

Jaqen_Hghar2015d ago

but wouldn't past Batman already have a plan for that?

Shadonic2015d ago

well said jaqen_Hgar well said indeed.

Psychonaut2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

lol i saw this in my head the bat car hits the railing and the (ejection seat shoots upward. and we see a drunk passed out batman floating back down landing on his car.)

Joker watching this just feels bad for pool old Bruce and walks away.

Superman shows up and sees if bruces is alive, batmans mask is on crooked as he tells clark to SLAG OFF!