Forza Horizon 1000 Club DLC AVAILABLE NOW

The new 1000 Club DLC for Forza Horizon launched today, 16th April, on Xbox 360. The DLC was only officially announced last week, but comes with 2 new cars, and a whole host of content for all the existing cars.

This new DLC adds medals for every single car in the game, and these medals are earned by performing various skills and challenges - some as simple as "perform 2 great drifts", while others will require you to get from one place to another, in a set period of time. Players can then compete with one another in the new medal leaderboards to be the best. This DLC also adds 10 new achievements to the existing batch.

The DLC is absolutely free, and available now, so check it out!

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Optical_Matrix2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Useful video

Arekkz2012d ago

Yeah, all that content, for absolutely nothing! :)

Jek_Porkins2012d ago

Loving this game, and free DLC to boot!

mcstorm2012d ago

I hope we see a number 2 of this game. It was my game of last year and what PG did with the game was amazing. I have all the DLC so far and this being free is an extra + for me.

Any racing fan should pick this game up.

Arekkz2012d ago

Yeah I know what you mean! I'd love it if the next one was set in Tokyo, with lots of night time racing, and some Initial D style mountain roads!

CoTton_MoUtH2012d ago

Forza and halo 4 r the only reason i play xbox360. Good stuff