Killzone: Mercenary Screenshots and Artworks

Killzone: Mercenary Screenshots and Artworks

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H4all2013d ago

really nice artworks... so beautiful..
waiting for game release.. awesome FPS..
gonna buy it first day release...

LackTrue4K2013d ago

Wish I had my Vita in hand so I can't download images and used them as wallpapers. :)

Donnieboi2013d ago

Wasn't there some stupid article last week that said that the Vita was merely a portable PS2 in HD? Yeah, well the images in this article say otherwise.

axerated2013d ago

How does it look that good?! Seriously impressed, can't wait for this one. Hope the mp is up to scratch, still play kz3 to this day for the mp, add me up on psn for some kz3 multiplayer; axerated

Sanquine902013d ago

Looks awesome... But since persona... Jeez i can enjoy games much as used to. JRPG's like Ni no kuni and persona are keeping me from enjoying othe3r games

lovegames7182013d ago

My ps3 will take a break once i get my hands on this and soul sacrifice. Ive also been holding out on buy a mem. card but it looks like i have to budge because i have no room on my others.

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The story is too old to be commented.