Elite Beat Agents track list has 19 songs

"Elite Beat Agents" is the American follow-up to the incredibly addictive Japanese music game "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan". The designer explains the choices behind Cher, Queen, and other music in the upcoming game. Also, check out the demo of a level in Elite Beat Agents.

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Nintendo trademarks Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, and Disaster: Day of Crisis

Nintendo has registered new trademarks in Japan for multiple games including Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, and Disaster: Day of Crisis. The trademarks made recently include their other famous IPs Super Mario, Mario Bros., Yoshi’s Crafted World and Kirby’s Epic Yarn as well.

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ozstar2021d ago

A Disaster Sequel would be awesome


10 Games Nintendo Should Port to Mobile Next, You're Welcome

With a port of Professor Layton confirmed for iOS platforms, we know Nintendo is willing to loosen their grip and let older titles breath new life. Here are the 10 Nintendo games we would like to see come to mobile platforms.

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Top 10 Nintendo Games (That Are Not Part of a Big Series)

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Nintendo is known for a great many things including delivering some of the best games we have ever had the pleasure of playing but they can also be criticized for relying a bit too strongly on their established IP’s. So for this week’s Top 10 we decided to give some credit to Nintendo’s smaller games, the games that don’t have the luxury of a Mario or Link gracing their cover to try to win us over. To determine which games are ‘small enough’, our methodology is actually quite simple – if the game’s main character is playable in Smash Bros., then no games in their series can be included (including spinoffs). Oh and to keep things fair we also excluded Splatoon from the running as that just wouldn’t be fair to the other nine games on this list."

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