Gears of War: Multiplayer majesty!

Taking us through his multiplayer hands on experience with Gears of War is OXM Nab Gil - a man who, to this day, is still quivering from the memory of it all. At least, that is his explanation for the shakes....

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co_ray5895d ago

I payed off my pre-order of the GoW collector's edition today...november 12th cant come soon enough

God of Gaming5894d ago

I can not WAIT to show this to a couple of my Sony Fanboy friends... they WILL buy 360's after i show them the beauty of GOW

TheMART5894d ago

"that you feel incredibly lucky to be an Xbox 360 owner. This is the game you’re going to show off to friends, to Sony supporters, hell, even complete strangers on the street."

Hell yeah buya nothing like it. PS3 give up this Christmas, because this is going to sell 360's like it's for free!

Scythesean5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

let me play TheMART on the PS3 side here.

It's going to suck look at the lame gameplay it's just a pop and shoot game nothing really next gen here. Wow 8 players in multiplayer and the levels are so small it is so boring. I bet the reason why it can only play 8 at a time is that the 360 over heats if they try to push it anymore then that.

Why waste your time with a 360 when the PS3 is the way to go with R:FOM having 40 players and larger maps to play on. This game blows Blah blah blah.

See Mart it's not nice to come over to a topic that I have no intention of playing the game or getting a 360 myself. I did that just because like you, I want to be spitful and bash your game and console. Now I know everyone is going to bash what I just wrote and I don't really care. I wanted to make a point about how sad it is that The MART can come over to our side and just bash away about a console he doesn't want and games he doesn't even care to play.

Have fun with your game to the rest of the real Gamers and just so you know it looks sweet. I hope the PS3 gets great games like this when it's a year old as well. Well Later

Daytona5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

It gives us an idiot to laugh at for a few minutes.
Now go on and leave us, go play your ps??? oh wait there is no ps3 yet is there?

Oh, and reguarding your avitar, thanks, we appreciate envy, but it's spelled XENOS not xenu, lol!!


ElementX5894d ago

You can play 40 player online with Resistance but i'm sure they'll scale back the models to look like Halo 1. There's no way you can show the graphical detail in Gears of War with more than 8 players. More players = less polygons.

xboxlj5894d ago

Get a life dude. Whats up with you sony fan boyz hating theMart, because he proves that the 360 is a superior system?

TheMART5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

There are a few differences in your story and mine. poster above, thanks for the support

First of, there is no 'your' and 'my' side on this website. This is Not newsfor360 or

Second, you have no idea. I had a PS2 but the DVD drive died after just a year and it's collecting dust, because Sony has a bad servicelevel. They let you pay big bucks and one may wait for months before it's returned. You'd be better off to buy a new one instead. Nice service. MS picks up a broken 360 within a day and deliver it repaired or a new one within one or two weeks for 2 years (overhere in Europe). Now that's service. That's why I am not so happy with Sony after that joke.

But well. If the PS2 would have lived up to Ken's lies, I would be thinking a bit more positive maybe, but it got defeated on graphics by Dreamcast/XBOX. Emotion Engine anyone? The 'great' online system'? With the PS3 I see the lies over again, Cell strong spec's on paper, but for scientific use, not for games actually. 360 has the more optimal CPU for that. Cell = assymetric, 360 GPU is programmed symetrical. The GPU? PS3 spec's unknown? Nope, Sony just didn't put them out because on paper, they would loose from the 360 GPU.

And most important: the games. I have given my props for Resistance some time ago when I saw the first footage running. I said just plain out: this is looking really great guys!

But from that point on it dissapointed. It's just COD3+BF2 with some aliens added. For real. This time around PS3 just hasn't got the games to pay 600+ dollars for.

That's my opinion and this is yours. Fact is that multiple game reviewers say there is nothing like Gears of War. NOTHING. So it's fair to say this one will bring gamers to the system, even former PS fans.

So you may play me, I like it when you do that! Don't forget all the PS fanboys that came over to dish the 360 for having no 1080p (still not nescessary but it's nice to kill the PS fanboy stupidness) and the not needed BR push format of Sony (Betamax, Minidisc, UMD anyone?).

I will keep giving my opinion. Even when Sony freaking fanboys keep spamming me. I hope the others that like sarcasm will give me positive feedback so I get my bubble back. And if not, I'll just make my posts longer I guess with 3 or 4 bubbles. For real, they may do whatever they want I give my thoughts about things like I feel they are.

Gears will sell multiple systems, it'll kill any Resistance and PS fanboys will run over to the 360 demopods this Christmas!!!

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