GameTap: Naruto: Ninja Destiny Review - Anyone can become a ninja master at this dojo

GameTap writes: "Even if you don't know much about Naruto, you've heard of Naruto. He might be the most recognizable ninja in America, thanks to the media blitz that includes translations of the original Japanese manga and anime, a comic series in Shonen Jump magazine, and a popular Cartoon Network TV show. He's also been the focus of so many video games that it's getting a little hard to keep them all straight, but Naruto Ninja Destiny is the first 3D fighting game for the DS.

Ninja Destiny has a bit of DNA from Naruto: Clash of Ninja for the GameCube. The 3D gameplay and graphics style is similar, and some of the special attacks are the same. For the DS, Dream Factory took over developer duties from 8ing and plays it safe by producing a straightforward fighter that focuses on the basics and pretty much nails them.

Taking first things first, Ninja Destiny does Naruto very well. The cool cel-shaded graphics don't miss a beat, matching the TV show's visual style perfectly."

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