Is PlayStation Plus doing more harm than good?

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is undeniably, unquestionably fantastic value for gamers. For the paltry sum of $50 a year (or less, if you shop smart), you can supercharge your PlayStation devices by getting a wealth of relatively new games for free.

Recent additions to the service, such as the excellent Sleeping Dogs and Square-Enix stable mate Hitman Absolution are just months old – and now they’re available to gamers for the cost of nothing. Ron Gilbert’s adventure game The Cave was released at the end of January this year – and that’s already fee on the service’s “Instant Game Collection”

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NYC_Gamer3585d ago

It's not doing harm because Sony must have made deals with the publishers..PS+ is good because it offers gamers value for their $50 a year

HyperBear3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Yeah it is a great deal for Playstation gamers. As long as they continue to be a PS+ member and re-new every year, they get free games, discounts at the PS Store and other exclusive material that non-PS+ members do not receive.

But the author does make a valid in point in that besides physically owning the copy of the game, whats the point in purchasing a retail game when there's a 50/50 shot that it will become free through the PS+ membership in the future?

Edit: @xHeavYx - very well played sir! lol

xHeavYx3585d ago

Can't read the article, too busy playing free games

Ashlen3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

PS+ only offers games that are older. And largely only first party.

How long before (if ever) do you think it will be before Bioshock Infinite or Call of Duty or any game from EA will be on there?

Mostly games that go on there probably benefit the companies who put them on there as much as Sony or the consumer.

Example, Vanquish was put on there right around the time Metal Gear Rising was released. I can almost guarantee the motivation was "Hey lets give PS+ fans a taste of what Platinum games can do".

And they get a bit of money from Sony on an older game and maybe earn some free indirect advertising for there new game.

UnHoly_One3585d ago

"whats the point in purchasing a retail game when there's a 50/50 shot that it will become free through the PS+ membership in the future?"

What's the point in buying something through Steam when it might be on sale for $2.50 a year later?

There are always going to be people willing to pay full price to have it on Day one.

HyperBear3585d ago

@ UnHoly_One

Yeah I know, I was just trying to get across what the author was trying to get at with his opinion.

I personally think it's an amazing subscription initiative and probably the best decision Sony made to combat Xbox Live and still make money off of it, and not totally screw the gamers over compared to Microsoft and Xbox Live. And it's not like every single game in PlayStation's library goes up for grabs in PS+. It's typically games that Sony have partnered or published with, and or games that didn't sell well through retail.

avengers19783585d ago

@ Ashland I got bio shock 2 for free through plus, also darksiders, street fighter 4, spec ops the line, vanquish, demon souls all free, but that really doesn't stop me from buying games I really want day one at full retail price. It basically means I can try games I might not have played or re get games I already had and traded in towards new games. Your right though its not like every game will eventually be free on plus

Why o why3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

When I hear a developer or studio moan about ps+ ill consider this argument. Never look a a gift horse in the mouth or moan about value especially when ps+ is unique among consoles

NewMonday3585d ago

game sales are also declining on the 360 and they don't give away games with Gold.

IMOO the reasons are:

* gamers holding off buying games till next gen.

* console gemers migrating to PC with the 7970/GTX680 genration

ALLWRONG3585d ago

Only on N4G does paying = free

lodossrage3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Only at N4G does paying for features everyone else gets free = value

Peppino73585d ago

Are articles like this doing more harm than good? Absolutely!

nukeitall3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Is PS+ unbelievable value? At this point it is yes!

However, is it hurting the industry? Yes, it is! It cheapens the value of games and trains consumers into waiting for games to release for free access on PS+. This can hurt Sony in the long run, when their attach rate for games start taking a beating. Publishers might just favor a different platform.

Keep in mind that game profit are made upfront in the game release cycle, and has a very short tail. This means potentially fewer games made.

Just ask yourself, how often you wonder if a game will hit PS+ and hold off a purchase.

So short term, good for consumers. Long term, very very bad for consumers.

MikeMyers3584d ago

The titles they offer have usually gone through the selling process and are what we call now back-catalog titles where their value has significantly decreased.

I'm a Plus member and think it's great value (even better for Vita and PS3 owners) but the downside to it is they are now announcing free games well in advance which could mean some lost sales. It's not a downside to me but perhaps the publisher. It could also be training people into thinking any game that is just a few months old is not worth much anymore and come to expect all games should be free eventually.

What Steam does is they have blow-out sales. It brings a lot of attention and they often have 1-day sales. It creates an immense amount of activity and generates lots of feedback for games some may have missed. That may mean after the 1-day sale those titles may actually start selling more than they did in the past. Playstation Plus treats these games as sort of throwaway titles and are available for a few weeks. That creates a different mindset to the value of software.

Of course what I just said could be a load of crap but it sounded good.

MysticStrummer3584d ago

ALLWRONG's name continues to be consistent with his comments. If the total value of the things you get exceeds what you pay, you are in fact getting something for free. Deal with it, along with other things of course.


My only grip with PS+ is that it's not available in all regions (like my own).

rainslacker3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I think the recent Vita additions were for promoting the Vita among it's PS+ user base. Not a bad way to do things, and it's essentially bundling 4 games with the purchase of the system(sort of). On top of that, the longer someone remains a member of plus, the more Vita games they will have to tempt them to eventually pick up a Vita. Again, pretty savvy. It's like having all those points given to you with your grocery store card...eventually you just keep shopping to get more, and finally you have to do something to use them(again sort of).

That being said, I doubt most gamers are really holding off buying games hoping they'll show up on PS+ one day. A good number of the AAA titles on PS+ are usually put out in the interest of promoting the next installment in a series(Borderlands, RE5, etc). Others are ones that have DLC or micro-transactions attached, so if a game is past it's prime shelf life at retail, it's a good way to drum up extra revenue from users who may have passed in the first place.

Despite the author pointing out some more recent titles added, most games released on PS+ are about a year old, sometimes older. If someone is willing to wait that long for a game, then there is nothing to say that they would have brought it until it went on sale anyways.

Finally, PS+ is great to draw in people who just don't purchase many games to begin with. Sony gets $50 a year, people get a lot of games. Sony wins, consumer wins, publisher wins through more exposure, and possibly DLC/MT revenue.

MrBeatdown3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )


What a load of nonsense.

Almost every single game releases at $60, and any gamer with a brain cell or two knows if they wait a few months, they can get it for $20 cheaper, or beyond that, anywhere from $30 to $40 cheaper. A $60 game for $20 is INEVITABLE, and a serious incentive to wait.

Yet every publisher under the sun uses that model, and they're all doing just fine.

But you think a gamer waiting on the SMALL POSSIBILITY that the specific game they want will be free is somehow going to be a huge problem for Sony, so much so that it will drive business away from them?

Let's recap...

Inevitable, huge, permanent discounts = sunshine and lollipops.
Small possibility of an older game being temporarily "free" = DOOOOOOOM!

Funny stuff. If you're going to try for doom and gloom, at least try to go with something logical.

tommygunzII3584d ago

With PS Plus I have more games than I can play. I didn't buy Defiance even though my buddy did because of the backlog of PS Plus games I have yet to play.

Jazz41083584d ago

Ps plus also could be looked at as a good thing as it keep so many used games from being purchased and traded. Im sure gamestop hates ps plus.

Ritsujun3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

PS+ subscription:
For only USD 49.99 a year,
you get 65+ PS3/PSVITA/PSN games for FREE every single year at NO extra cost.
I haven't even mentioned other PS+ features.

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JoGam3585d ago

Just to add to ur comment....Sony isn't stupid. Its not like they didn't think of every possible problem that could go wrong with Playstation Plus and eliminated it. Sony offering free games is a business model that suppose to entice people to subscribe. Always remember this...... In business, companies will always come up with unique ways to make money and its not always clear to the consumer what that is especially when a company like Sony gives away free games. Just know Sony is making money along with companies involved.

Salooh3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Lets be honest here.

Games are not free. Why you guys say that?. i paid more then 100$ to get ps+ on both USA and UK. It's like renting games most people don't buy. Which is a good thing but still need to evolve like puting votes to what games we want. It's like you guys asking sony to higher the price by saying all this xD. Rent stores is better then ps+. You guys need to demand more not saying 'wow, free game o.o'' ..

Why o why3585d ago

Evolve...yes but this is ps+'s first gen and look at what its done for sonys brand and their customers already. I think nominating games may be hard to do as deals may not be able to be made for every game out there for varying reasons.

Rainstorm813584d ago


It does need to evolve and will next gen, PS+ could become a console gaming version of a subscription and get access to and instant library of tons of game, add in the discounts betas avatars themes etc & a PS3 PS2 PS1 classics library and I'd gladly continue my ps+ throughout next gen.

I think Sony eluded to something like this during their press conference in feb..

NukaCola3585d ago

PS+ hooks me up and with all I save I throw the extra right back at Sony. I dont wait on buying games so sometimes I miss those extra deals but with all I get and save I couldn't be happier. Got Guacamelee for under $12 bucks. PS+ is incredible.

sinjonezp3585d ago

The value lies in the reality. A gamer can still play online without paying a fee. With the subscription, you get offers to play betas early, free games and content that covers the value you pit in within three months. So how is that harm? Everyone's thoughts.

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Apollosupreme3584d ago

Playstation Plus is all about keeping customers. Give them so much content that it would hurt to hop the fence into Microsoft's or Nintendo's backyard.

freezola753584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Ya know it's funny to see this article and others like it..

I am not gonna give this site any hits regardless of the "valid" points raised..

Here's why, they will be among the very same sites complaining that Sony is jerking the gamers with no games or nothing free if there wasn't such a thing as Plus.

No other console manufacturer has came REMOTELY close to what Sony has offered it's user base with PS Plus.

It's so silly.. smh

I am 1000% enjoying my PS Plus!! I cannot count the massive amount of games in my library now (digital but so what?), thanks to it...

I have renewed my Plus until June 2014 and I do it around tax time so that I can do the full year. I have had it since it came out and if I couldn't afford that, then I'd get a $20 PSN card every 3 months.

I love Plus and now it's on my Vita yo.. Gravity Rush, Uncharted: GA, NGS+, Wipeout (just to name a few they have plenty more!),and OMG look at all of the discounted games available and at your disposal.

Look, Plus is far from a rip off (for those of you that think so).. they said you'd get access to betas and look at all of the ones we've had so far!

I am truly stoked for Plus and I am interested in how or if they will be incorporating this into the PS4 at some point..



Do you remember about a couple months ago Sony was offering a free mobile game every Wednesday during the month a February?

You didn't need PS Plus membership to get them either. Granted they were mobile games, but you could also play them on your Vita...

Look, wake up guys, these console makers wanna make money above all. This we know.. But only Sony seems like they wanna make sure that they're committed to their user base by offering games games and more games free and at discounted prices and a fairly inexpensive programs such as plus.

Most of us paid $500-$600 for these consoles and it's only right that gamers get something for their hard earned investment. To me it was a way of saying thanks for your commitment to our product.

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FamilyGuy3584d ago

It's doing harm in the sense that I've lost interest in buying games because of it. Having this back catalogue that is ever growing is stopping many of my possible purchases.

The Last of Us, Dragon's Crown, FF14 ARR and South Park: The Stick of truth (if it ever comes out) are pretty much the only games on my radar left before the PS4 comes out.

IAmLee3584d ago

Yeah, it's causing loads of harm...
all these free games are clogging up my memory.

Donnieboi3584d ago

Yeah the deals they make are in accord with the publishers. Look at how we got Demon's Souls free just 1 week before the announcement of Dark Souls 2. That was no coincidence. It was a clever way to stir up interest in their sequel. So publishers win, and so does Sony and gamerz (well except for xbox and nintendo fans, but that's not Sony's problem)

g2gshow3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

listen numb nuts (if it applies )

it's better then paying for basic accsec just to play the apps you already paid for or buying Full games on xbox live arcade an not being able to access them because you're xbox is not online.
or try to make you buy the same game over again after a few years due to license agreements or what ever b.s answer the operator make's up on the fly... like they did with xbox orignal Ninja Gaiden Black

people will say any thing just to have something to say keep being lazy an shut up

talking about what's good go talk about the services that are bad

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Monkeysmarts3585d ago

Better than paying $50 just to play online, that's for damn sure.

Sharius3585d ago

well, i win, so why should i care, sony have their own way to negotiation with the publishers, and they are business company not just some charity ground

iGAM3R-VIII3585d ago

How, it is a pretty great deal, especially when you compare it to Xbox Live

alessandro103585d ago

doing harm only to the XBLG that "service" its being expose.....