Gears of War: glitch free!

At a press event held in central London last week, a Microsoft spokesperson told the OXM team that Gears of War is winging its way to 'Gold' status!

This is term used to describe the stage in a titles development, signifying it is ready for mass production.

And with November 17 fast approaching, this news will be welcome to those of you keeping your fingers crossed that no delays should befall Microsoft big Xmas game. They commented; "So far, Gears of War is glitch free.

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shotty5485d ago

Actually the game should go gold in a week or 2. So that Microsoft can certify it and then press and package the disc. So that they can ship it for Nov 8th in North America.

zonetrooper55485d ago

Very good now Epic and MS lets get this game out as quick as you can. I'm ready to buy this game and i can not wait.

STICKzophrenic5485d ago

I'm so f*ckin excited for this game. I can't wait for it to be released.

Boink5485d ago

I've been informed my copy will be ready nov 9th.

contemplating taking the day off work.

assjacket5485d ago

I was told by the store rep when I preordered that it would come in on the 9th. I was thinking of taking the rest of the week off and playing this and COD3.

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The story is too old to be commented.