Guillemot talks EA acquisition rumours

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot has told GamesIndustry.biz that the company currently has three options regarding whether or not it remains independent.

When asked what the probability of an EA takeover is at present, Guillemot replied, "I don't know. I think we are in a creative business so it will certainly need to be done with our collaboration, but it's a question I can't answer."

He went on to observe that there are three choices for Ubisoft at present, stating, "The first option, and the one we prefer, is to remain independent and execute on our plan to double our turnaround and triple our profit in the next four years.

"The second is to work within an entertainment group, so we could be the videogame part of an entertainment company, and the third is to merge with other publishers to create a bigger group within the industry."

Guillemot confirmed that Ubisoft executives "speak regularly with lots of people" about possible deals, but declined to offer any specific comment about current negotiations.

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Grown Folks Talk6337d ago

do not join with ea. unless of course you want to begin to put out titles with no advancement, same ol same ol, or with features that were done 8 years ago on the dreamcast and act like they are innovative. if not for the popularity of ncaa football and fight night, and the fact that people actually still think madden is a good game, ea would be null and void. don't do it ubi. madden, downhill. nba live, downhill. march madness, downhill. they continue to get worse every year, and they will try to do the same to you. i know i don't want ea to have anything to do with splinter cell and ghost recon. PLEASE!!!

THWIP6337d ago

...if EA acquired Ubisoft. You only need to see the mediocrity that they've produced with other exclusive franchises, to realize how bad it would be for gaming if this happened. Pretty much every sports title (FNR3 is awesome), ALL of their comic-book related titles, and cross-platform ports that could've been MUCH better as Next-gen exclusives (The Godfather, namely) prove that EA is more about $$ and less about quality games.

shotty6337d ago (Edited 6337d ago )

I hope Microsoft Game Studios aquires then instead of EA. The bad part of that is no more UBI games for Nintendo or Sony but it will be 1 massive move for microsoft. I know Microsoft has the cash for it, the exec just have to see if it's possible.
As of right now sony studios is about the same size as microsoft game studios and nintendo studios put together. A microsoft buyout of ubisoft would surely make microsoft the big gun in the industry, maybe even pissing off EA. Think about it have exclusive rights to GRAW, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Far Cry, Assassin's would be huge.

THWIP6337d ago

...but still not apt to happen. Although, the SC5 exclusivity is a big + for MS in that department. And, GRAW, King Kong, Far Cry have all done very well on MS platforms for Ubi.

Nodoze6337d ago

If Microsoft were to buy Ubi it would be a master stroke for them. The Ubisoft catalog reads like a whats what in gaming. Prince of Persia, Rainbow, Ghost Recon, Rayman, Assasins Creed etc etc etc.

Screw EA. The more I play EA games, the more I hate them. EA should hurry up and die. Every studio swallowed up by them experiences talent drain like there is no tomorrow.

MS BUY UBI.... it is 10 fold better investment when compared to Rare!!

THWIP6337d ago

it's also a 10 fold BIGGER investment, at the least. Ubi isn't some small dev team, with only a few titles under it's belt, and most of it's talent defected. Ubi is a mult-billion $$ developer AND PUBLISHER with a deep gaming history, and many money-making franchises in it's stable. EA attempted a hostile takeover, by acquiring a good chunk of the France-based operation's stock; if that had never happened, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

super bill6337d ago

i agree with all of you.but the best way to make ea think is to stop buying there games.like i have.


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Led by Director Korina Abbott, the new venture from the award-winning agency - known for their work on Warhammer Skulls The Room: Tenth Anniversary, and Tangle Tower - will utilise their renowned marketing power to help developers publish incredible titles." - Neonhive Games.


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Physical vs Digital Games: Are We Headed to a Digital-Only Future?

As digital media becomes more and more popular, GameSpew weighs up the physical vs digital games debate and ask if physical games are still relevant.

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darthv722d ago

We've been heading that way for a while. It's just taken longer to accept for others. PC is 99% all digital for over a decade... other gaming will fully get there soon enough.

shinoff21831d 21h ago

Thats great for pc, completely different environment.

gold_drake1d 10h ago

was just about to say the same hahaha

Asplundh1d 12h ago

The article says a pro for digital is that it's "often the cheaper option"
That definitely hasn't been my experience.

shinoff21831d 9h ago

It's almost never the case. Especially more so after a month or two. I bought Alan wake remaster for ps5 for 1049 off Amazon. It's never been below 12 bucks digital. So many other games are often way cheaper on disc. That's some bs their pushing and it's annoying because that's what people see it's assh articles like this.

It might be the case for rare physical releases sure but those aren't majority at all.

FinalFantasyFanatic16h ago

It only ever applies when they are deep discounts, but that happens with physical too, generally physical is cheaper overall if you exclude sales.

hiawa231d 12h ago

Are we headed there? Have you been to a Best Buy, Target, Walmart lately, in the video game or movie/music sections? They are a fraction of the size they once were, so yeah, we have been headed there and most of my games from the last two gens for all of my consoles are digital, so I am fine with it. It is happening whether you like it or not, and at some point will be all digital.

shinoff21831d 9h ago

Walmart depends on which one you go to. Walmart near my house(just outside the little more dangerous neighborhoods) they lack its never filled, alot of double triple rows.

2 other Walmart around my city(better neighborhoods) are stocked pretty damn deep. Aside for Xbox which has dwindled.

BlaqMagiq11d 11h ago

It'll be a terrible future.

Physical now and forever.

CornholioX1d 8h ago

I still love physical games to own but in the future, it will be pure digital one day. If physical games still want to exist, they'll have to make a new disc drive which will never happen. Downloading games is now much faster to install than installing physical games and filesizes aren't getting smaller over the years. Next gen consoles with physical games are mostly like 2 discs to install but depends which games. Terrible future or not, it will be one day. I'm an old school gamer who still love to put disc in console and just reading instead of installing.

mastershredder1d 11h ago

What’s with the “are we” topic? Hello? Yes. Thanks gamespew for catching the late bus to the discussion and delivering as it is an original idea/topic .