Disney Interactive Announces Disney's Planes Videogame, Exclusive to Nintendo Platforms

"Disney Interactive today announced that “Disney’s Planes,” a flying adventure video game inspired by the upcoming Disney animated comedy adventure film, will be available exclusively for Nintendo platforms including the Wii™ and Wii U™ systems as well as the Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ handheld devices on August 6th, just a few days prior to the film’s August 9th opening in theaters nationwide." -- (Official Press Release)

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wardestroyr2017d ago

Hopefully Disney will start to make use of all the properties they acquired with Lucasarts.

Soldierone2017d ago

And they shut down LucasArts for this.... This is why I get worried whenever they buy anything.

WeAreLegion2017d ago

Exclusive to Nintendo? Uh... Why? Toy Story 3 sold the most copies on PS3.

jakmckratos2017d ago

Sounds like ill be missing out on a lot by skipping over this one

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