Emotional games will push industry forward, says Molyneux

Enthusiastic developer Peter Molyneux has revealed how he thinks the games industry needs to innovate in order to grow – by creating games that make a player feel loved.

The Lionhead boss was addressing an audience of games industry peers in London last week, as part of EA lecture, 'The Industry Speaks: The Future of Entertainment'.

Speaking of the development of upcoming Xbox 360 title Fable 2, and its new features, Molyneux said: "The big feature is the emotions that I want to you to feel. And for me, that is where the revolution comes."

"We have felt the emotion of killing and maiming and the emotions of power. But we need more complex and interesting emotions. That is where real innovation is going to come from."

He said that online play has the potential to bring players together, and open gaming up to a much wider audience, provided it was possible to make players feel loved.

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nirwanda5897d ago

But the problem is that dev's struggle to even write a decent plot never mind beleaveable emotions I hope the people making heavy rain carry on with the same standard of writing and character animation as a the trailer showed and if fable 2 gets close to that then these 2 games really will be the true start of the next gen.

PS360PCROCKS5897d ago

I truly believe Mass effect is going for this, and Bioshock as well, innovation and emotion, this is a good read though, because everything he says is spot on with things that would make all games more immersive, fun, and a whole lot easier for EVERYONE to play and get into

FlamingTide5897d ago

I'm all right with emotion but you need a good story behind it was well. When I play a video game i want to feel like Im in a good movie, not a 'Chick-Flick'