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"There’s a fine line when re-releasing a title, between making modern and leaving a kind of older charm. The team behind Age of Empires II HD have decided not to even approach that line. The risk of modernizing one of the greatest RTS games of all time was just too great. Depending on your take on this issue, you’ll either applaud them for their conservative re-release or you’ll find the game archaic and slow.

Fans of the old game would love it, and yet there comes a point where even they will have to ask why they’ve shelled out..."

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pecorre2476d ago

IMO Age of Empire 2 is the best RTS ever. I can't wait to try this!

wmmn802476d ago

If they just put more efforts to graphic side of it that would be very good game. Still gameplay is at its best so of you don't mind outdated graphic you should not be disappointed.

matgrowcott2476d ago

It's still the best RTS ever. There's just very little reason to pay for this if you already have it.

Snarkasaur2476d ago

Someone should remake Lords of the Realm 2 so I can waste another thousand hours or so playing it again.