Capcom: Lost Planet 3 delayed for 'business reasons'

Capcom tells GameZone the decision to delay Lost Planet 3 was due to "business reasons."

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Freddy_Millz12016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

OH NO!!! I was really looking forward to playing this game too! it's my most anticip-- Im sorry i cant even do this with a straight face anymore.

What can i say about Crapcom that hasn't already been said? Its a miracle that they are still afloat after the last few years of screwing with gamers. But i guess as long as there is a Street Fighter, ppl in the west will be blind enough to grab it without asking questions, and as long as there is a Monster hunter, JP is a sure lock. Their marketing tactics are crap, their game directions have become crap and they lack all around originality anymore.
(Ppl have been BEGGING you for some sure fire games to be released in the west and u tell them piss off and give them Ducktales....DUCKTALES???)

I didn't always to hate your guts so much Crapcom. You lost yourself this gen....YOU did this to you, not me.

VTKC2016d ago

Still riding on the success of Street fighter and resident evil?

business reasons? oh yeah busy trying to lock the content that is already on the disc right? of course. No problem scamcom.