Star Fox 64 Review reviews Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 64 in celebration of Review a Great Game Day

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Donnieboi3467d ago

This was the first game that I owned, that wasn't passed down to me from my sister. It came with in the box with the N64 and had the rumble pack. First game I played that had a fully voiced cast and a great story. Try getting the real ending, it's a real tear jerker.

BullyMangler3467d ago

This Nintendo game is the reason Sony and Microsoft controllers rumbLe, including cell-phones .. .

JAM_brz3466d ago

I was delighted by this game in that time. Was one of the first games I played in my N64. And alongside 007, one of the bests for sure.

Realplaya3466d ago

This is the type of game that had all my friends playing games. I can't wait until it gets released for the Wii U If Nintendo hears the fans we may see this at E3.