Skyrim PS3 Patch 1.09 Out Now, Adds the Legendary Difficulty

It may have missed the planned release of late March, but we can tell you that patch 1.9 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PlayStation 3 is now live.

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konnerbllb2020d ago

Fix freezing with larger saves?

knifefight2019d ago

Geh, I hope so. I've been waiting for a GotY edition or something that has a bunch of patches and fixes to even buy this game.

dbjj120882020d ago

Stupid companies with exclusive DLC and support. I'm not playing Skyrim anymore and I didn't buy any expansion packs. You're too late!!

Roper3162020d ago

I feel the same way, between the timed exclusivity & then them not being able to get it to run correctly for months I just decided to pass on all the Skyrim DLC.

DLC needs to come out when the game is still relevant to the people who buy it at launch like me. DLC that comes out 6 months later or even longer after I personally will never buy because I have already moved on to the next game by then.

cleft52020d ago

I picked up the expansions on that Xbox sale and got the major expansions for $22.50, which I think is a fair price. I get not wanting to pay for DLC and if you stick to it then that is awesome.

The reality is that not enough people will not buy the DLC when it is released for what you are doing to make a difference. The average consumer sees new content and just buys it without thinking. It's sad that it is that way, but thats how things are now.

This isn't going to change until the Video Game Industry crash like it did in the past. Everyone is double dipping and this is creating issues that are slowly building into a much larger problem.

dbjj120882020d ago

That's absolutely true and $22.50 isn't bad for a whole lot more Skyrim gameplay, but my issue is primarily with the time it takes for the same content, patches, whatever, to get to PS3. I really wish I had gotten it on 360 but oh well. I'm just b****ing on n4g, sorry.

ftwrthtx2020d ago

This dev shot themselves in the foot when they didn't release the DLC for both consoles at the same time.

BuLLDoG9092020d ago

expect more bs like timed dlc next gen, when MS decide to not make any games and instead pay off devs like these while ms focuses on tv and kinect stuff

Wedge192020d ago

Legen.... wait for it!....... Hope you're not lactose intolerant....DARY!

Blank2019d ago

Wow thats ridiculous! I SMH in laughter! Hahaha!

VsAssassin2020d ago

Does this patch include an ending to the game? Lol, sorry I had to say it. :D

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