PlayStation Store Preview – April 9th, 2013

This week, there’s not a lot new in the PlayStation Store, but there’s plenty of old games just now making their PSN debut. Old ones, and rare imports from across the pond. As for new content, PS Vita actually gets more new content than the PS3, even with Guacamelee! being a cross-platform game. Note: We’ve done a major revamping of our Coming Soon Section to make it even more useful, as it’s now packed with separate columns of coming soon content for PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation Plus, and even the PS4. Check it out!

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dbjj120883824d ago

lol, I read it as that at first too.

alexcosborn3824d ago

That stuff is soooo delicious. :)

ftwrthtx3824d ago

Guacamelee is a fun little side scroller. Gotta get that for the PS3 and the Vita.

voodoopickle3824d ago

how is 3 items for the vita more content than the ps3?

vikingland13824d ago

that's a good question.

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17 Best PlayStation 4 Platformer Games

The PS4 has a killer roster of incredible platformers. Ranging from simple 2D platformers to vibrant 3D platforming games.

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Phoenix76424d ago

No mention of Astrobot on the VR, one of the best platform titles Sony have put out

424d ago

Anarchy Reigns Walked So Modern Brawlers Could Run

A recent wave of modern brawlers have exploded onto the scene, and it feels like they owe Anarchy Reigns some gratitude.

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WheatBread455d ago

I remaster for all platforms would be nice.


Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Can Claim These Three Additional Free Games

Microsoft is offering three additional free games for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers in addition to the regular lineup of games this month.

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darthv72514d ago

Joe Danger is hella fun. Nice bonus from GwG.

deleted514d ago

I enjoyed Joe Danger back in the day, it's pretty fun. What's amazing is how Hello Games went from a few of these rather simple games to the ultra-ambitious No Man's Sky!

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Orchard514d ago

I would love a sequel to JD - although I do realize that Hello Games have kinda grown beyond that scope of game.

Godmars290514d ago

And still the contradiction of getting something for "free" from a service you pay for continues.

CrimsonWing69514d ago

But isn’t the service for online multiplayer? So, technically it’s “free games” included with your online subscription? I mean, what was the point of Xbox Live? To get free games?

Godmars290514d ago

Only, after they tried doubling the price of another online service, some similar nonsense, isn't Xbox online multiplayer suppose to be free?

darthv72514d ago

"isn't Xbox online multiplayer suppose to be free?" No, it was always been a paid premium on console. The free games was not related to the rumored price hike. They were giving them away long before that.

If there was a service for free online multiplayer on console, it was PSN. Until the PS4 came out.

Jericho1337514d ago

How would you have worded it then? I’d say ‘subscribers claiming free games’ is about as clear as it gets.

Godmars290514d ago

"As part of", "In addition to", "As an extra bonus". Anything better than, "Get this with no strings attached or requirements" which is what "free" implies.

Jericho1337513d ago

That’s like saying ‘buy one get one free’ doesn’t apply because it’s not technically ‘free’. Stop trying to find a problem with something when there isn’t one.