PlayStation Store Preview – April 9th, 2013

This week, there’s not a lot new in the PlayStation Store, but there’s plenty of old games just now making their PSN debut. Old ones, and rare imports from across the pond. As for new content, PS Vita actually gets more new content than the PS3, even with Guacamelee! being a cross-platform game. Note: We’ve done a major revamping of our Coming Soon Section to make it even more useful, as it’s now packed with separate columns of coming soon content for PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation Plus, and even the PS4. Check it out!

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dbjj120882726d ago

lol, I read it as that at first too.

alexcosborn2726d ago

That stuff is soooo delicious. :)

ftwrthtx2726d ago

Guacamelee is a fun little side scroller. Gotta get that for the PS3 and the Vita.

voodoopickle2726d ago

how is 3 items for the vita more content than the ps3?

vikingland12726d ago

that's a good question.

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