Witness How Much BioShock Infinite Has Changed Over The Past Few Years

Kotaku - Yes, the critically-acclaimed shooter has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. Blame it on the rigors of development, or maybe it's just director Ken Levine's creative style. Maybe Levine and his team at Irrational Games just intended to show off what BioShock Infinite could look like, not what it would look like.

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RedDeadLB2475d ago

It seems the world was far bigger and more immersive than the final release. It's a shame, I can swear I felt that the world was a lot bigger before the whole time I was playing. Makes me wonder why did they scrap so much material?

I mean it's not like I can find fault with it. A bigger Columbia to explore would have been wonderful. I want to play the version they showed in 2011 too :(

oof462475d ago

There were probably bugs they couldn't iron out to make it work 100% of the time, but I remember in the version they showed previously, Booker and Elizabeth could do tag team/combo with her powers and his vigors. But the game that remains is still awesome.

Bimkoblerutso2475d ago

I'd say it's probably because for the longest time the game was under a quietly publicized threat of cancellation.

Developers were sacked and hired and funding was iffy for quite a while if I remember correctly, so it's probably just a matter of them parring down the scope to account for that uncertainty.

SHORYUKEN2475d ago

Off topic.

Spoiler Alert!

brodychet2475d ago

The game does seem a lot less linear, but I'm sure the changes were for the good of the game in the end.

DigitalRaptor2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Back in those demos, the skylines seemed to expand above huge towering buildings, Elizabeth's powers were more impacting on combat. Certain parts of Columbia were absent for exploration such as the Lincoln mask part, horse euthanization part, public execution part etc. and story moments were cut/juggled that I thought would've driven the narrative to higher places.

Sad this guy was cut - a lot of potential there.

Can't say I'm dissatisfied with what we got - the game is a marvel - but something itches at me that we could've had something grander if the technology/budget constraints allowed for it.

Amazingmrbrock2475d ago

I'm betting that lots of cut content will reappear as dlc.

DigitalRaptor2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I hope so because honestly, I'm craving more. The ending, as satisfying as it was, just left me wanting more of Columbia, more of Elizabeth, Lutece and the Comstocks, more of Songbird, more of the troublesome politics of the world, and more of the interesting characters we only got glimpses of.

sway_z2475d ago

The E3 2011 demo looks superior to the final cut. I was disappointed with the final version shown in the comparison video.

Not to say BS Infinite is not a good game...I mean, look at all the reviews.

Just saying the 2 year old demo looks better IMO...Don't stone me to death for it ;)

HammadTheBeast2475d ago

Sacrificing a more open world for immersive graphics? I can live with it I guess. There is a lot going on in the screen now.

SatanSki2474d ago

Reviews mean nothing. But still its a good game.

fossilfern2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

First good article/video out of Kotaku I have seen in a long time. I wanted to hold out until the hype for Bioshock infinite dyed down because I found the game just above average and if I said that earlier I would probably of been bubbled down!

The game had potential, the clip were you had the choice to euthanize the animal or the choice to stop the public execution or just let him be executed without you being thrown into combat was something I was hoping to be included and expanded upon in the game.

The whole game was just another shooter with powers which had a lot more potential

cleft52475d ago

We 100% got the lesser game and it shows in the gameplay. Bioshock Infinite has a great story, but I want the gameplay from 2011.

oof462475d ago

I haven't finished the game yet, but with all the material scrapped from the main game, I'm very curious as to what the 3 DLC packs will bring. Play as side characters? Flesh out their story lines?

FantasyStar2475d ago

If you haven't finished the game: you need to get off the internet until you finish it. That, and because it might answer what kind of DLC we could expect.

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