PlayStation Vita Dungeon RPG Demon Gaze Might Crawl Its Way Overseas

Siliconera: Demon Gaze may be next on Kadokawa Games’ localization list.

The publisher filed a trademark for Demon Gaze in the U.S. for use with video games.

Experience, the game’s developer, made other DRPGs like Labyrinth Cross Blood Reloaded and Students of the Round.

The question is who will localize these titles? Atlus? Xseed? Aksys?

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vork772024d ago

if it does i will buy a vita just for that lol

izumo_lee2024d ago

I heard the game is actually quite good so if it does make it over it will be a pleasant surprise. Hopefully MonMon (Monster Monpiece) will also get the chance to be localized.

wtfbbq82023d ago

I also love RPG. I dunno why Japanese assume all Americans love shooter games...

RmanX10002023d ago

When certain shooters sell almost 12 million units, with most of those being sold in the US, it seems like a very rational assumption. I still love RPGs more though...

Blastoise2023d ago

Been on my radar a while, it looks really awesome despite being a little pervy

Ritsujun2023d ago

Yeah, crawl to me, baby.

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