Where have they gone? Sound Shapes & Starhawk

JBond: "So yesterday was our weekly Saturday Smackdown event, and while I was modding the chat, we ended up with an interesting discussion about Sony games, and how strangely marketed they are. It led me to write this. Soundshapes & Starhawk are two totally completely different games in terms of genre and game mechanics, but they are both awesome games. They both suffered from (in my opinion) the same fatal flaw; Being marketed by Sony."

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KingofGambling2070d ago

Starhawk very underrated game.

xabmol2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I personally think it's rated just fine.

princejb1342070d ago

Not underrated
Is just war hawk was a much better game

GribbleGrunger2070d ago

Soundshapes recently had an update and is still popular ... Don't know about Starhawk.

G20WLY2070d ago

Agreed - Soundshapes got a big DLC just 2-3 weeks ago, which was very well received critically and by the consumer. I'm not sure these guys picked the right game to support their 'point'.

Starhawk is a real shame though, as there was a massive buzz pre-release and the critics were heaping praise on it. Those that have it appear to love it and it does have a decent online community - may be worth grabbing this seeing as how it's cheaper now...

r212070d ago

Currently there are at least 100-150 dedicated players on this game, myself included. It is such a shame, a game like Starhawk didnt get the promotion and sales it deserved. The game is fun online, stunning in motion and incredibly chaotic.

It didnt sell enough that the devs, lightbox interactive, had to cut down their staff and start focusing on making iOS games :C

BabyTownFrolics2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

the game is mediocre, bring on Warhawk 2 or MAG 2.0

M-M2070d ago

Starhawk is barely getting supported, because Sony let go of Lightbox interactive. Currently, Sony Santa Monica is the one who handles Starhawk. I wouldn't say the game is necessarily dead though, it has a small, but strong fan base that plays the game on a daily bases. Starhawk's failure was due to poor advertising, freezing issues(it did freeze a lot, it still kicks you to the XMB randomly), and the game mechanics strayed too far away to appeal to most of the people who played Warhawk. It's sad, because Dylan Jobe wants to develop a second Warhawk, he said so in a tweet but since Sony let LBI go it's near impossible.

dcbronco2070d ago

Starhawk looked like it would be fun. But Sony had better things to spend money on at the time. Marketing is expensive. Especially TV.

Hicken2070d ago

So you're saying it wasn't fun, then?

dcbronco2070d ago

I'm saying I never played it.

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