Turtle Beach Ear Force X-Ray Gaming Headset 50% Off

OOG from STFUandPLAY writes, "For anyone looking for a good gaming headset for their PS3 and Xbox 360 for a good price, this is your chance. Currently Amazon is selling the Call of Duty branded Ear Force X-Ray headset for 50% off which ends up being $99.99."

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ThanatosDMC3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Not gonna lie. If you have a PS3 or PC but a Sony Pulse Headset instead. The new one and not the renamed old crap. Turtle Beach headsets are overpriced, bulky, needs a power source, needs a router like device, and wires. Pulse just needs the dongle and a USB-B cable. Sounds are awesome and directional sound works great on PC.

OOG3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

If you have all the systems something like this is a good deal. Most gaming headsets are way overpriced though. Especially considering how you can buy some headsets for a PC that are half the price and sound much better.

KONAAs3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

i got the astros A50 i love them, had the sony headset but i decided not to buy again because if you loose the dongle a $10 to $15 dongle sony will not sell u a replacement one, u have to buy the whole thing again even if the headphones are fine, u think u cant loose the donlge but kids are nosie, TB uses 2.4 instead of 5.4 u get allot of interference

MadLad3822d ago

The A50 is a fantastic headset.

ThanatosDMC3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Just dont lose the dongle. However if you have a dog, who just grabs stuff and chews things, then i highly do not recommend it.

A50 is $300... wow. I'm gonna say overpriced especially if it's the same simulated 7.1. It probably doesnt have the same bass as the Pulse headset but probably sound the same. Not to mention all the other junk it comes with...

Try the Pulse headset if you have a friend who owns it. Make sure it's on Game mode (default is best) and have the Bass Impact on. It's high quality for $125 from newegg. I'm never gonna buy those $250+ headsets ever again unless Bose makes an actual gaming headset.

Also, I dont like the mic setup in which you pull on it or whatever. Pulse headset's mic is as clear as the PS3 bluetooth mic with noise cancelling. No need to move a mic piece.


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HyperMoused151d ago

Lost me using youtoubers to sell them, Youtubers are not professionals in audio and will sell underwear if the price is right.

gamerz151d ago

My $230 Turtle Beach wont connect to anything anymore and support says to pound sand. Never again.