A review of Defiance for Xbox 360 by an MMO noob ¦ TruTechNoid

This isn’t a 100% complete review as the sheer size of the game and massive amounts of missions would take an age to complete, so let me share my initial review of this ambitious third person MMO and maybe guide you in the right direction, but before I begin let me explain a few things, this is an online ONLY game and requires a minimum of 10GB free disk space to play. Defiance is directly linked with its namesake the upcoming SYFY TV series, so be sure to keep these things in mind before you buy to avoid any disappointment or confusion....

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xPhearR3dx2047d ago

I know this isn't a complete review, but you wrote this and scored it based off 6 hours of play? It's an MMO, you've seen next to nothing.

DeadPixel2047d ago

And I stated all this in the review, so don't really see the point in your comment tbh

xPhearR3dx2047d ago

Point is, you shouldn't be applying a score to something you've barley played.

MysticStrummer2047d ago

You shouldn't review a game that you haven't fully played. That's the bottom line.

DeadPixel2047d ago

What qualifies as fully playing an MMO then?? because if what you're saying is true then reviews for this game would probably take many months. This is an initial review (6-7 hours of mission gameplay) of the game intended to help other mmo beginners like myself.

antz11042046d ago

Gotta go with deadpixel, can't really ever finish an MMO.

Damn fun game, I was very surprised.

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GadgetGooch2047d ago

Seeing as just above the score it says first impression score 8/10 I think the reviewer is valid, how else are you supposed to score an MMO really? When it is basically an ever evolving game. You would have to review the game every couple of Months.

DeadPixel2047d ago

Your bubble score says it all...

Magnus2047d ago

Already have the PVR set for the tv show see what its like first. I might go and rent the game first before I spend $60 on a game based off a tv show.

DeadPixel2047d ago

In the UK it's only around £30 which for an MMO that's got the potential to last is a very reasonable price and worth a shot :)

GadgetGooch2047d ago

I've just bought it today and ploughed through it for a few hours and I do find it to be can only get better in my opinion.

GuruStarr782047d ago

It's pretty good, especially for an mmo on a console... I've got about five hours in and I'm thoroughly enjoying it...

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