Gamers will call high-def DVD war

The battles won't be fought with guns or muscle, any deaths will be temporary and the winner will be decided by video game fans.

It's the DVD war.

In the 1980s, American consumers were forced to choose between VHS and Betamax. Both formats played and recorded video just fine, but in the end there could be only one. The Sony-developed Beta offered the clearest picture, but JVC's VHS tapes had greater recording ability. In the end, consumers chose quantity over quality and Beta faded into obscurity.

Now the Japan-based Sony is at it again, looking to revolutionize the DVD industry with Blue-Ray technology. Microsoft, Sony's US-based competitor, is eyeing the market as well with HD-DVD.

Microsoft's technology is cheaper, but Sony's has more raw power. Developers know there can be only one, but what does a for-mat war mean to consumers?...

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Marty83706340d ago

Well considering that HD-DVD will not be used for games on X360 and Blu-ray is on PS3.That's a easy win for Blu-ray.

D R Fz6340d ago

It does seem that if it was up to us as gamers, the ps3 would win hands down. Including Blu-ray in it's next-gen console was really a smart move for Sony.

D R Fz6340d ago (Edited 6340d ago )

if everyone who bought a xbox 360 also bought the Hdd-addon regardless of whether or not they have a hdtv, the competition would be alot closer between the two formats.

shotty6340d ago

PS3 fan, well can't you say the same for UMD. Every PSP had a UMD player, yet that format failed. The reason is Blu-ray is not as open as HD-DVD. If Blu-ray is pirated then it's over for the ps3 since Blu-ray was sony's strong point against piracy since they are running linuix which is a modders best friend.

As for HD-DVD, it is just like DVD. You can buy a blank disc, burn whatever on it and it will play just like DVDs.

Also 100% of everyone that buys the HD-DVD add-on is interested in HD-DVD. While 100% that buys a ps3 is not interested in Blu-ray and only a fraction would actually even know what it is and go on to spend the premium money to buy a blu-ray movie that will only work in their video game system.

Marty83706340d ago

shotty - DVD's playback on PS3's Blu-ray drive also.Your missing a huge point,both Blu-ray & HD-DVD share the same piracy protection.Just Blu-ray has extra piracy protection.

Blu-ray movies don't just work in the PS3,they also work in standalone blu-ray players also.

UMD is not dead as its also the PSP game media choice.

shotty6340d ago

Blu-ray has an extra level of priracy protection which is why Microsoft back out of supporting Blu-ray. Blu-ray doesn't allow for managed copying, like with hd-dvd, you can save your HD-DVD movie to a vista pc and even stream it to devices on the network like the xbox 360. Blu-ray doesn't have this feature which is the reason why HP converted from being exclusive to Blu-ray to supporting both.

What sony and others needs to know is, it's ok to protect your content but at one point you going to piss off the consumers and make everything difficult for them. Both formats have AACS but blu-ray went further and added BD+ which reduced alot of the consumer options of managing your content.

For example what somepeople like to do is save all their movies on Hometheatre servers and then they can watch it from any tv in their house, hd-dvd allows that while blu-ray doesn't.
This is another reason why xbox 360 doesn't have a standard hd-dvd drive, since with hd-dvd you can simply play the movie on your PC and it will be streamed to your xbox 360.

As we know sony is extremly protective of their content, as seen by the root kit problems on their CDs. With digital entertainment being more about giving consumers choices, I feel HD-DVD is the better option. Microsoft said, they have no problem with blu-ray but due to this extra level of protection it inhibits alot of functionality on PCS viewing blu-ray. Main reason why we have HD-DVD PCs and laptops out now and no Blu-ray drives in PCs or laptops.

jedicurt6340d ago (Edited 6340d ago )

"Main reason why we have HD-DVD PCs and laptops out now and no Blu-ray drives in PCs or laptops."

Then why do i have a Sony BWU100A in my PC right now, and i have no problems playing Blu-ray movies, and I save them on my Home Server????

please know what you are talking about instead of trying to pass your opinion and lack of knowledge off as fact.

And just to point out, i actually do like HD-DVD better than Blu-Ray right now because of the codecs used for the video format, i think they create a clearer picture, however, sound quality is much better coming from my Blu-Ray movies through my 7.1 surround system. and i am not too worried about that, because future Blu-Ray movies could easilly switch to a newer codec

and just to let everyone know, i am running both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD through my 32 inch Samsung LCD and running HDMI. however, it is an older tv and is only 720P. I want to get the 40 inch 1080p Samsung, but i am waiting till after christmas

Thugbot1876340d ago

Jedicurt, I’m going to have to say the Jedi Mind tricks aren’t working with me here. I speak up on this one and say please tell us your setup and what application you are using to copy these movies to Home Server and what format they are copied in. Cause as of Aug 11 2006. No one has made an application to copy BLU-RAY DVD’s. Second I would like to know the video card that you have that supports and is compliant for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and offers DVI or HDMI connections. There is one application supporting playback and not just anyone can buy it. BLU-RAY cannot be COPIED at the moment. I know you must like BLU-RAY a lot and want it to win in the format war but you can give the facts and not tell people things that are not true. http://www.gatago.com/aus/d... When Sony officially announced it they even said it will not playback BLU-RAY DVD’s. There’s some fact to back it up. Don’t lie to make your format look good!!!

THWIP6340d ago

"Sony has put all its eggs in the PlayStation 3 basket, which hits the market in November. The latest generation of the most popular video game system runs all Blue-Ray technology. The system boasts exclusive rights to top games and game franchises like “Metal Gear” and “Spider-Man.” "

Sony doesn't have exclusivity on Spider-man...they just own the rights to the movie franchise.

eques judicii6340d ago

did hd-dvd become "microsoft's" format... isn't it made and owned by toshiba??

Maybe I missed something, but I don't think Microsoft bought toshiba.

THWIP6340d ago

It's a partnership: Toshiba is the "brains" (tech R&D ) and MS is the "brawn" ($$$/marketing).

Thugbot1876340d ago

It's Toshiba's format, that Toshiba created. Microsoft only said they support HD-DVD because of cause and because they don’t agree with Sony’s Over Big-Brother methods to keep people from copying media they purchased.

Perfect example Sony over stepping its boundaries, to recover from loosing sales and late technology adoption:

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The future of Xbox: Will history remember 'the end of exclusive games' as the right choice?

A gamble that could pay off, or backfire.

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Jin_Sakai1d 4h ago

Xbox is pretty much irrelevant at this point and PlayStation will open up a massive player base for Xbox games.

Obscure_Observer7h ago

Yeah, it´s so "irrelevant" that even publishers and developers that used to skip Xbox and keep their games exclusive to either or both Nintendo and Sony, are now heading towards to Series Consoles.

Playstation "massive" player base couldn´t prevent Sony from losing freaking 10 Billion after its latest financial report, and PC which used to be treated as Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner.

Those are the facts.

3h ago
Crows903h ago

Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.

Many games still skip Xbox consoles.

Ironmike1h ago

Sony going to be doing the same watch next Yr

BobManoak1h ago

“Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.”

Spoken as someone who has no idea what he’s talking about. Still entirely different SDKs, OS, graphics APIs, tools and so on… not standardized at all.

Obscure is right - Sony are essentially going in the same direction. PS isn’t doing great right now.

S2Killinit44m ago(Edited 44m ago)

Xbox has never been as irrelevant as it is today. So much so that they are releasing their games on other consoles to make a profit.


anast1m ago

It will be up by 20 billion by the end of the 4th quarter.

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-Foxtrot23h ago

I hate the idea of consoles losing exclusive games, I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one.

However in Xbox's case they've been heading down this path for years now, not just because of Microsoft's new business goals but because of their own silly decisions. Microsoft buying up two massive publishers paved the way for them to become a huge third party publisher themselves and in years to come more games will come to other consoles

If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves