Call of Duty 3 dated for the UK

Activision has confirmed the UK release dates for Call of Duty 3. The game will arrive on the Xbox 360 on November 10, followed by a PlayStation 2 version on November 24, and the Wii version on December 1 - a week before the UK launch of the Wii. The PlayStation 3 version will launch with the system next year.

It's not unusual for launch software to be released prior to the console, and with Call of Duty 3 likely to be one of the Wii's biggest sellers, buyers have an extra week to pick the game up and be ready for launch.

The Xbox 360 release of Call of Duty 3 starts an impressive month of shooters for the system. A week later Microsoft's Gears of War lands in the UK, followed by Rainbow Six Vegas the week after.

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Boink5895d ago

too many games I want coming for the will be an expensive xmas for me this year.

not coming to the ps3 till next year?
-that blows.

deepio5895d ago

Aww man, there's another one for the list, my wife is gonna kill me...

zonetrooper55895d ago

I'm getting this game then FEAR and then Gears of War, damn its gonna be very expensive for me and i'm 15 years old.