Capcom Talks Clover, DMC4 and PS3's Bad Rap

According to Capcom USA marketing VP Charles Bellfield, Devil May Cry 4 is already technically impressive, the media is too hard on the PS3 and the dissolution of Clover Studios won't change a thing at Capcom. Click through for this lengthy exclusive interview...

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zypher6339d ago

uh oh, i wonder what rumors are gonna get kicked-off from this interview? good read, btw.

OC_MurphysLaw6339d ago

Was this a real slip or is he telling the truth?...

Interviewer: "But at the same time, the 360 has been pretty good to you guys as well. Are we going to see some more cross-platform games?"

Well certainly you will see us support multiple platforms. Resident Evil 5, for example, that’s on 360 and PS3. And I think that’s a good example of the future direction of where the company is going because we’re further along with our time line now for DMC4."

Interviewer: "So Devil May Cry is coming to Xbox 360?"

Bellfield: "No, I was just saying, I mean, [RE5 is] a good indicative example of where we’re going in the future because RE5 is [coming] after DMC4. And we have announced that."

This really has a smell of DMC4 coming to 360. I mean its a pipe dream for many MS fans...but he certainly sounds like he got caught as opposed to being mistook. Who knows for sure...but it certainly is one rumor to come from all this.

Bill Gates6339d ago

Learn how to read, and undstand you idiot. It's not coming to the 360.

Grown Folks Talk6339d ago

why don't you read the last paragraph of dlacy's post and then take your own advice. I mean its a pipe dream for many MS fans... but it certainly is one rumor to come from all this. he didn't say it WAS coming to the 360. can you ever make it through an entire day without being an @ss to someone?

ApocalypseShadow6339d ago

where is hideki kamiya going?he helped to create resident evil 2,was tasked to do resident evil 4 but came up with devil may cry,came up with viewtiful joe.if he leaves,somebody had better pick him up fast.i mean FAST.

PS3 Ultimate6338d ago

is ONLY for the PLAYSTATION 3. PERIOD. MS360 fans are DREAMING if they think they will get DMC4. Because wtf's the point if the 360 is'nt selling anything in Japan


Two Devil May Cry games delisted on Steam

Two Devil May Cry games have been delisted on Steam. As shared on X, formerly Twitter, by Wario64, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and Devil May Cry 4 are no longer available to purchase.

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Chocoburger21d ago

Bless the adorably all digital future! When it comes to PC games its not as big of an issue because there should always be another way to access single player games, but still, I hate to see anything get delisted.

Aaroncls721d ago

Well, DMC4 special edition has a lot of issues to run from Steam.
I have to get a modded executable to even be able to run the game on Windows 10.
Not sure if it is because the game runs in DirectX10 or what, but it sucks they have not even tried to fix it.

Sephiroushin20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

DMC4 Special Edition is not delisted, it was just the standard version, it has nothing to do with issues of performance or anything alike. Its just that Capcom probably do not want to sell the standard version, neither the standalone DMC3 version.


Devil May Cry 4 - 15 Years of Nero

Devil May Cry 4 launched 15 years ago today, bringing with it new character Nero. Has it stood the test of time?

Knushwood Butt380d ago

Never liked it and I think I got it day 1.

Cheap Capcom design of half a game that you have to walk through twice.

5 isn't much different in that department. Encounter the same boss three times with three different characters? Endless warehouses or alien-like tunnels that all look the same.

chrisx380d ago

In DMC 5, it's 4 times you encounter the same bosses if you count the Vergil dlc lol

Knushwood Butt379d ago

Yeah, I'm only up to chapter 19 so the total count can only go up!

kevco33380d ago

No troll, I always preferred DMC.

No haters, please.

Knushwood Butt379d ago

I'm actually with you there, but DMC has that terrible writing. Alex Garland isn't it?

FallenAngel1984380d ago

Nero will always stand the rest of time against Donte and Viola


The Best Hack and Slash Games of All Time on PS3

Grab your katana, and slice your way through this list featuring the best hack and slash games the PlayStation 3 had to offer.

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darthv72489d ago

Dante's inferno... an excellent GoW inspired game. So sad the sequels will never be.

LoveSpuds489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

I recall enjoying it well enough at the time, but it wasn't a patch on God of War 3 which came out around the same time I think.

I own it and fired it up on my PS3 about 6 months ago and time hadn't been particularly kind to it although it still very much nailed the atmosphere and it is a cool as he'll setting and universe.

Inverno489d ago

Dante's Inferno needs the GOW treatment. No cut camera, with a real hellish depiction of the 9 circles and a story as dark and as serious would be amazing.

Yui_Suzumiya488d ago

Still pretty amazing there was a PSP version that was actually pretty good. I remember playing it 10 years ago. I had the PS3 version when it first came out and loved it.

Hellcat2020488d ago

Ahh the memories of playing Heavenly Sword
Such a amazing experience