BioShock Infinite ending explained

Eurogamer: "Like a ride on one of its soaring skylines, the latter half of BioShock Infinite's narrative is a twisted and breath-taking race through the city of Columbia and beyond, moving on to expand the series' scope to a dizzying scale."

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BlindGuardian3160d ago

it's hard to keep emotion going strong with such a convulated story

Crazyglues3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

yeah ending was stupid...

for such a good game that ending was awful...

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante3160d ago

The ending to this game kind of ruined the ending for the other 2 games in a way. It added on to it but it was just too much.

ziggurcat3160d ago

how? this game has nothing to do with the other two...

VileAndVicious3160d ago

It actually does tie into the original. The explanation is just a bit convoluted

Eyesoftheraven3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

I'm confused by how even "our Booker" is baptized right in the beginning in order to enter Columbia...

r213160d ago

Well, he had no choice but to do it or the priest, i assume, wouldnt allow him to pass through. Initially Booker was willing but you see him not wanting to go through with it. I hope this helps, my way of seeing it of course.

Eyesoftheraven3160d ago

Sure, but I was under the impression that baptism is what leads him to becoming Comstock.

r213160d ago

That Booker was the one who accepted baptism and because of that, he became a religious nut that is Comstock. You see the Booker that we play as is the one who denies religion as a real way of forgiveness for what he did in the past. The Booker that did accept it is the Booker we are secretly fighting against, that is Comstock.

The Booker who denies leaves his timeline and enters the Booker who accepts religion's timeline.

Yeah, its pretty confusing stuff. Head on to:

A good site to help you understand more :D

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kreate3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

[email protected]@@@@

Why does the ending need to be explained?

It was himself the whole time and she and other 'hers' from different tears drowned and killed him.

Pretty simple to me?

kneon3160d ago


If you don't look too closely then it may seem fine, but there are all kinds of issues if you start to think about it.

But that is inevitable, time/inter-dimensional travel is bound to introduce paradoxes that can not be explained.

kreate3160d ago

'If you don't look too closely then it may seem fine, but there are all kinds of issues if you start to think about it.'

Thats with most games though. I rather not think too much about it or else ill be finding, if not already, a whole bunch of loopholes within the plot.

SAE3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Lol, I understood less then half of what they mentioned on my own in 2 walkthroughs. I'm sucks at english. I guess i will need the english class.

I also agree with BlindGuardian a little bit. This could have been a great sad ending but making it complicated made more interested on finding out what's going on instead of try to feel what the character dealing with..

How ever, This game is a 9/10 for me because it was fun, i even platinum the game ^^ . We need more games like this that makes us think not just watch the story..

It's not only about that. Did you read the article ?..

kreate3160d ago

No I didnt read it hehe
Just commenting becuz there's quite a few articles with the same headline.

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