Top 5 Free to Play Shooters

We(FPSGeneral) compiled a Top 5 list video that does its best to average out the games that turned up on our list in a universal Top 5 Free 2 Play Shooter list. Without further delay, check out the video and if you'd like to check out the original piece, you can do so at

Let us know which games you think we missed in the comments!

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Naate3333d ago

Team Fortress 2 deserves #1, hands down. Well played.

crazypenguin083333d ago

It shames me not to be able to include Gotham City Imposters on this list. If anyone happens to see this comment and hasn't tried it out yet... I urge you to do so. It's my personal #2 :)

SmallKiwi3333d ago

Where is Hawken on this list? INVALID LIST DOWNVOTE