Football Manager 2007 unveiled

Sports Interactive's preparing Football Manager 2007 for release this Christmas, and aims to deliver over 100 new features across PC, Mac, Intel Mac, Xbox 360 and PSP.

New features include setting up feeder clubs, a revamp of the youth team structure, an easier to use default skin, reworked team talks (including pre-match team talks), and manipulation of the media to address your own players - and also to try and unsettle star players at other clubs around the world with a few words of pointed admiration.

SI says it's been focusing on fan feedback for the Xbox 360 version too, helping it to deliver a user interface that offers a joypad-friendly alternative to the PC without sacrificing the game's noted depth.

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asdf6324d ago

Now if only they would release in the U.S...


The Evil Football Manager

Chris Evans reveals the truth of his younger days playing Football Manager and Championship Manager. His evil underhand tactics to win matches are unveiled for all to see.

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'UK hit by an utterly huge loss of talent'

The UK's loss of talented developers in the sports genre has been 'utterly huge' according to Miles Jacobson, the studio head of London-based Football Manager developer Sports Interactive.

In an exclusive interview with Develop, Jacobson explained that Canada's exemplary tax break rates – which peak at 40% of dev costs – was the reason why a number of British-born developers now work in cities such as Vancouver and Toronto.

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timmyrulz5117d ago

The government needs to pay for illegal immigrants and their expenses somehow!


I Only Play Here Because It Beats Starving

In this somewhat-regular column, Diehard GameFAN's
Mohamed Al-Saadoon will be advising Football Manager 2009 players managing the lowest league clubs on where to find excellent footballers on the cheap. He gathered these from his own experiences playing the game as lowly Hyde United as well hanging around the Football Manager fandom.

Since you've already filled your team with top quality players (by lower league standards anyway) here's some tips to get the most out of your lower league players.

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