Defiance - The first 15 Minutes

German Website CouchCastle just posted a commented Version of the first 15 Minutes from Defiance. Its obviously in german but the gameplay speaks for itself.

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Fasttrack762152d ago

A few teething problems but overall a great game

jjb19812152d ago

I really like it and the ability to jump into competitive and coop games makes it better.

the worst2152d ago


Captain Qwark 92152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

somebody please explain why trolls exist to me?

1. i cannot understand for the life of me why someone would waste their time bashing something they dont like, esp when not asked

2. why even be on an article about something you dont like. i dont care about COD for example. i wont bash it, i just simply dont care it exist and dont click on articles pertaining to it

3. bashing it without an explanation just makes you look idiotic

4. whats worse are people like this who troll prob everything, im assuming this because he has 1 bubble so clearly he has a lot of immature responses.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2152d ago

Having a blast with this game. Been having lots of fun with it. It has its problems but nothing that can't get ironed out after a patch or two. Socom/Warhawk/borderlands/dc universe in a blender and comes out pretty good. Looking forward to what's to come with dlc.