High Moon Studios lays off 40 people

Forty full-time employees from Activision's High Moon Studios were laid off today after completing their work on Deadpool, an Activision spokesperson tells Joystiq.

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dp2774072146d ago

That's a nice message after finishing a game. I'm sure this had no effect on the game because most people don't know when the company is going to fire whoever or even whenever, also whats the sign for sarcasm.

camel_toad2146d ago

No kidding it's a nice message. "You did a great job and now you're fired. "

Enigma_20992145d ago

I just make the sarcastic remark, then end the sentence with [/sarcasm].

And this is how you make Kickstarter look even better than it does already, scammers be d***ed.

chukamachine2146d ago

I bet they are feeling blue.

Hellforged_Savant2146d ago

Yes, because this sort of decision never results in negative PR.

BitbyDeath2146d ago

Clearly this game is bound for awesomeness.

Magnus2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I just hope the next Transformers Cybertron game does not suck. Shame this had to hit them they are a good studio that I like.

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The story is too old to be commented.