Alice 3 possible with fan support

Alice Madness returns is a great series and a sequel is possible gamers, take a look at how.

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TheSuperior 2148d ago

I would love to see fans group together to change the way some game companies make games. After all we are the ones playing them so why don't we get a true say in whats in a game or what game are even coming out?

DarkBlood2148d ago

though it goes both ways with my comment im going to make im going to guess its because they are the one with the funds to make the game and we are not

mrkeith2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

@TheSuperior why don't you go to a college and make your own games? If you don't like other peoples art then don't buy it. I don't mind buying games honestly just cause i don't got the time to make my own. If i don't like what people are publishing then i don't buy it. It would be a complete catastrophe if fans got to put input into games cause the fan's don't got enough knowledge of what can and can't be done. That would be a total nightmare. Imagine the forum posts.

spicelicka2148d ago

To a certain extent it would be great. But there's always that issue of opinions. Every other fan will have a different idea of what the should be like and in the end it would be impossible make people happy.

However, using fan feedback to steer the game in the right direction is always preferable to shoving crap down their throat in the hopes of making money.

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NYC_Gamer2148d ago

I wouldn't invest my cash after how terrible Alice: Madness Returns was

kreate2148d ago

Was it really that bad?
I mean it is 'alice'...
I played the game without much expectation and the game was not bad at all.

DOOMZ2148d ago

Was freaking awesome!

b_one2148d ago

Platinum trophy here ;) loved it.

Myst2148d ago

I would totally support this!

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The story is too old to be commented.