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VGR: Veteran MMO fans will be skeptical of Defiance as it seems like they are behind in the current state of the genre. For Trion though, they are breaking new ground with a simultaneous release on all systems and tying it into a television series.

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InfiniteBullets2146d ago

7.9 Really homie....Hell no it needs a higher score bro.

MysticStrummer2146d ago

Yeah I'd say Defiance is a pretty big step in the right direction. I'm loving it.

ShadowKingx2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@InfiniteBullets i agree bro at least an 8.5 IMO

Typical-Guy2146d ago

I'll enjoy it even if they give it 1 or 2. Already pre-ordered it on PSN.....

clintagious6502146d ago

I wasnt really interested in this game but when I seen the golden gate bridge in the background and they said it was in the bay area, I said, "Oh hells Nah" I gotta buy this game.

Th3 Chr0nic2146d ago

this game is really fun, plays like a shooter but is an MMO i mean no one has gotten that just right before but they hit the nail on the head with this one. I love it, cant wait for the TV show to get started up!

Captain Qwark 92146d ago

sooooo i dont like listening to reviewers lol i prefer the rest pf the gaming community. this game is looking awesome, is it def worth it?

one preview i read said it plays like mass effect and borderlands but with mmo-ness. both of those are two of my fav games ever and i love sci fi so this seems like a no brainer. still id like your opinion please.

Th3 Chr0nic2146d ago

I played in several of the beta tests and I had that feeling of borderlands more than once and mentioned to my friend and he agreed. the weapons have that same feel and once u start really getting some of the crazy ones it gets better and better.

Captain Qwark 92146d ago

awesome, thanks. im def picking it up

Dee_Cazo2146d ago

Gameplay is definitely right between Mass Effect and Borderlands. I like it more than Borderlands but less than Mass Effect.

But as both don't offer me an MMO environment, I think Defiance tops them both.

Like I said in the review though, this will only get better with time and patches. Hence why I gave it a 7.9 off that start, because there is potential for great improvements.

MysticStrummer2146d ago

I think it's definitely worth it. The shooting and animations are better than ME. The Borderlands comparison is fair, but this is 3rd person, open world, and (slightly) more serious. I didn't much like ME but I loved BL1 & 2, and I think this is better. The story is decent but don't expect a top notch presentation. Just keep in mind how open and large the map is, and how many players are in the world, and the graphics will seem more than fine. I love it.

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