8 classic iPhone JRPGs that any gamer should play takes a look at 8 classic JRPG titles that any gamer with an iPhone should play. Great games for people with a mobile lifestyle who are continuously on-the-go!

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Arcee2151d ago

I gotta admit, I absolutely love the list. Especially the inclusion of Shining Force and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. Great list.

NewMonday2150d ago

played them all other than , Secret of Mana and Shining Force.

Arcee2150d ago

I've played the all on consoles but I guess I should start getting them for the iOS devices huh?

NewMonday2150d ago

same for me, not interested in re-playing if it isn't an upgrade. imagine playing some of these with graphics like Rayman origins

caleb47792151d ago

Like the titles, but haven't tried any of these on my iPhone...yet at least.

epicjrpg2151d ago

@Arcee - Shining Force is definitely one of my all time favourites! I wasted far too much time playing that game.
Now I only wish that they'd release the sequels to both Shining Force and Lunar on iOS.

Arcee2150d ago

The sequel to Lunar was also a great game. If they release that for the iOS market I would definitely get the pair.

epicjrpg2151d ago

@caleb4779 - not sure what your preference is, but I can't recommend The World End with You enough...Square-Enix did a great job porting it over to iOS IMO

LordHiggens2151d ago

Play em on a they weren't meant to be played....not with that touch controller on screen bullshit...

I swear the iphone and android markets are gaming for quality handhelds like the 3DS and Vita.

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