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GIZORAMA - ​In the 90’s a switch to the membrane style keyboards resulted in quieter, lighter, and cheaper keyboards. Manufacturers quickly replaced the mechanical keyboards and we all lost the great benefits that a good mechanical keyboard can provide. Inherently, mechanical keyboards are more accurate and offer a tactile feedback that is hard to find in any other type of keyboard. Accuracy and tactile feedback is something that gamers crave almost as much as typists. So it is fitting that Logitech’s first mechanical keyboard is a gaming keyboard. The G710+ features 6 programmable keys, macros, backlit keys, anti-ghosting, and USB passthrough among other features that get us tech nerds in a tizzie.

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FragMnTagM2150d ago

Nice. I prefer mechanical keyboards, even if they are noisier. They just feel better when typing and I can type a hell of a lot faster on them with fewer mistakes.

SonyNGP2150d ago

Cherry MX Blue's where it's at ;)