Bioshock: Infinite – Modded vs Vanilla Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of gamers believe that SweetFX is not worth your effort. Well, we are strongly against that logic. We believe that SweetFX can enhance each and every game, and since Bioshock: Infinite has just been released – and has a unique art style – we kind of wondered whether we could boost the game’s visuals a bit while retaining its wonderful art style."

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Johnny_Cojones2119d ago

Modding for the Instagram generation.

Bimkoblerutso2119d ago

Seriously. The color palette is intentionally muted and pastel. The mods make it look oversaturated at best, like an acid trip at worst.


these mods look fantastic. brightens up the game a ton.

Ace_Pheonix2119d ago

Those colors really do look amazing. The modding community is the one thing (emphasis on ONE) that makes me a tad envious of the PC Elitist society.

iamgoatman2119d ago

PC Elitist society? Grow up.

Ace_Pheonix2119d ago

I state an opinion like a normal human being. You attack me. Yep, PC Elitist status confirmed. Sincerely though, have fun with your uber rig. I'll enjoy my modest console, and you'll enjoy the same game with slightly better colors and higher resolution and framerate. Can't we just get along like normal people?

joab7772119d ago

Me too. This is one game I wish I had a great pc to play. It is my favorite IP of all time and the pc version is definitely better...though its been said its better with a gamepad plugged in.

Thatmattkid2119d ago

So they increased the saturation? Whopty doo! I prefer the original.

adorie2119d ago

Ive beaten it 4 times on 1999 mode. It makes the game look a little different. Thats all I care about. Im going through one last time with this mod on and getting the last 3 steam achivements, including scavenger.

2119d ago