5 Most Anticipated New Releases of April

While some could say April 2013 is a desert for great new games, there are a few that might spark your interest.

BOG shows us five games that we should really look forward during April 2013

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ryandebraal3475d ago

As few choices as there are for April, these are some good choices. Looking forward to Dishonored DLC

MkaY3475d ago

True that. Especially looking forward Injustice: Gods Among Us. Haven't played an awesome fighter for a while now.

Other games are just meh... Except for Age of Empires II HD. Oh the memories... <3

DarkBlood3475d ago

yeah i preorded injustice collectors edition, pandora's tower and Devil Survivor Soul Hacker for the 3ds, fortunately they all come out the same day according to the release date lol

3-4-53475d ago

Yea I've put years into Age 2...easily 3,000 + hours

It's been a while but can't wait.

r213475d ago

That DLC looks pretty sweet. Cant go wrong with more of Dishonored.

cloud4953475d ago

I'm excited for Injustice, the story seems to be quite good.

ElectroJade3475d ago

There's an HD edition of Age of Empires coming out?! Damn, those sheep are gonna look fantastic.

MkaY3475d ago

Almost every PC gamer has some sort of fond memories of Age Of Empires II :) Should have at least!!!

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