Defiance and Defiance 2050 Are Being Shut Down

After 8 years of Defiance and 3 years of Defiance 2050, both titles are being sunsetted on April 29, 2021.

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TheRealTedCruz43d ago

I had a good time with the original Defiance years back, honestly.

Silly gameAr43d ago

Me too. I remember putting a lot of hours into it before it went free to play. After, it went f2p, I didn't play it near as much, but it makes me nostalgic.

darthv7243d ago

I liked the show and picked up a sealed collectors edition of the 360 game for $5 at a thrift store a couple years ago.

isarai43d ago

It had a good run honestly, way better than it had any business being, especially for it to be part of a tv series

boing143d ago

Yeah, I'm surprised it went for so long too. Tried the game but didn't click for me. I liked the TV series, though.

isarai43d ago

I gave it about a dozen hours, was fun even tho MMOs aren't my thing. But to even keep me around that long is impressive lol

psynetik12343d ago

Paid $11 for this POS way back and I still felt ripped off