Call of Duty is the new Pokemon

The Call of Duty franchise has been under attack and heavy criticism for the past few years for its lack of innovation and stagnant visuals by many gamers. While the franchise might deserve some of the flack it gets, it receives it with no punches pulled. However, we as gamers, tend to turn a blind eye on many game series which do the exact same.

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mamotte2149d ago

Why... do we have a new pokemon game every year?

TekoIie2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I think they mean as a brand.

I love pokemon games and I keep myself in the dark a little with every new game that releases. I only look up the new game mechanics and moves (if there are any that affect online battles) but when it comes to the new pokemon its so much more fun to randomly encounter a new one when playing!

I think this is what happens with a fair amount of the COD community. They dont actually know whats in the game. They just see an ad and think "oh sweet a new one's out!" and go down to the store and get it because like pokemon the changes are never too radical.

Black-Rock-Shooter2149d ago

So you are saying
New Weapons = New Pokemon
A new Region = New maps.

TekoIie2149d ago


That analogy can definitely work. There's more to it but it would require a great wall of text to explain ;)

ApolloTheBoss2149d ago

One day, my friend, one day.. The signs are already among us. BO2 sales dropped 14% compared to MW3.

venom062149d ago

if the new CoD doesn't have a NEW ENGINE AND DEDICATED SERVERS, it will be a slap in the face to us as gamers and consumers, with Activision saying "it doesn't matter what crap we give them, they will still buy it"....

Y_51502149d ago

I like Pokemon more. Please people shouldn't compare Pokemon to Cod. AC is a better comparison.

fatalis952149d ago

nah cod has more kid players XD

Agent_00_Revan2149d ago

Just went to a convention and was in a tshirt booth and there were these creepy looking guys that were Extremely giddy when they saw the Pony shirts. I still don't understand the fascination with that show.

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The story is too old to be commented.