Why the Zune wasn't called Xpod

In an interview with The New York Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed the naming of Microsoft's Xbox and Zune products:

"When it came time to name Xbox, there was certainly a class of people who wanted to have Microsoft and/or Windows more prominent. They all lost. And it was a wise choice."

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Dante15898d ago

No doubt they didin't name it Xpod, because they know PS3 is gonna own Xbox 360 5 to 1 and it would be embarrassing for them, but then again what if Xpod sold loads, they could pretend the Xbox 360 has sold loads as well lol hahahaha!

bilal5898d ago

i think Xbox was a good name...
i didnt like xbox 360's (name i.e. the 360 part) they could have thinked of something better i mean, i know why it was not xbox 2.....

TheMART5898d ago

The Zune has just as much to do with the 360, as the PSP has to do with PS3. Nothing much. Yeah ridge racers back mirror... Ridgeee Raceerrrr.

Actually I will buy a PSP soon, but not the PS3. The PSP is nice value for money, the PS3 isn't.

Well and about the name XBOX 360, I think they did great. Indeed, XBOX 2 would sound no good to PS3, so 360 is a nice find. With forming the circle, 360 degrees spinning around etc.

The only problem I foresee is the next XBOX. I mean, the strong thing about PS is they can add the number and go to PS4. But what do you do with XBOX 360? So I guess XBOX will stay and by that time they'll add Zune to it ;)

XBOX Zune well right or maybe the XBOX 1080 (p) because it will last 5 years before the 1080p area starts, if not later

kmis875898d ago

Maybe the 1080p era (not area) will start in 5 years for you, but for me it will start next June (until then I'll have to make due with the 720p era).

I think xbox zune would be terrible, but xbox 1080 doesn't sound too bad. It keeps that 3 syllable thing going like 360 has, it's a higher number, and the it's a fairly awesome number. Question: where would they go after 1080? Another random question: when it gets up to playstation 12, do they just skip 13 like a lot of buildings do with floor 13 or do they risk the unluckiness?

kmis875898d ago

I still think they could have found a better name than Zune.

HyperBear5898d ago

If they had called it Xpod, then it would have to do with Xbox and Xbox 360, but the Zune is its own little media player that does not play games and stuff like that. Like Im sure it will hook up to the 360 and have great connections with it, but its mostly a non-gaming media player, sao calling it Xpod would a) mean that it would have some resemblance to Xbox, and b) theyd get sued from Apple for stealing key components in their iPod name. Zune is pretty neat and at 229.99 i think it is for 30GB of music and video and all that stuff, is a way better deal than 400 for a 20GB Ipod Video, dont you think?

power of Green 5898d ago

Why does the most extream Sony fan keep posting MS news?.

2tired2day2hate5897d ago

who cares about what the zune does? i love ms but have no desire to get a zune. who cares what it can do when ms can (and pretty much is with vista) make a pc operating system that caters to the 360. can sony do that? no. can nintendo? no. is sony going to be able to play cross platform with pc users? no. is nintendo? they'll be lucky to make that thing compatible to a stopwatch.