10 Interesting Wii Games for 2008 NOT From Nintendo

Any fan of the Wii has probably heard the recycled rant against Nintendo. It goes something along the lines of "only Nintendo makes good games for their systems, they need better third-party support." Well, with the massive success of Nintendo's latest hardware offering, the Nintendo Wii, the mantra has changed a bit. Now the gaming public has been hit with numerous executives and developers claiming that, to quote Goichi Suda, creator of Wii's recently released No More Heroes, "only Nintendo titles are doing well." Unfortunately one can't fight the sales figures, and Wii third-party titles are not selling as well as Nintendo's - but generally they ARE just worse games.

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skynidas3969d ago

The only game that catches my attention on that list is Okami

Brian52473969d ago

If this is all Nintendo fans have to look forward too...better jump ship to PS3.

heyheyhey3969d ago

well SSBB is the only thing most people need

but for my Wii, im also looking forward to FF:CC and Bloom Blox

Shaka2K63969d ago

Its guaranteed to suck.

lmao the best game on this POS fisher toy is Okami a last gen. ps2 port.

skynidas3969d ago

I kind of agree with you LOL

Homicide3969d ago

The only ones interesting are Okami (a PS2 port) and Mushroom men. Everything else seems like it will blow.

Ricdog3969d ago

Seriously why isen't that game on the list. Disaster is way cooler looking than any of this pieces of crap.

Snipes203969d ago

Disaster is from Nintendo. Also, it has been "temporarily" moved to a new dev studio and as such, not much has been released about it. Unfortunately, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. had a similar problem, but it was probably canceled. Very sad...

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